Friday, March 4, 2011

Update Post, IVs, and the Sick

Feb. 25-Friday
-I got nothing!

Feb. 26- Saturday

  • Luke ran a fever.
  • I attempted to take Aaron to his baseball try-outs but the location was changed at the last minute & nobody informed his mother. :(  

Feb. 27- Sunday

  • Luke ran a fever again.
  • Luke & I skipped church, since my boy wasn't feeling well.  

Feb. 28- Monday

  • I took Tim to work so that I could have the car because Luke still had a fever.
  • I got Luke a doctor's appointment & took him in.  He has an infection in his boy bits, thanks to the bubble baths we gave him. Oopsie.  

March 1-Tuesday

  • Tim was up all night being sick, so he stayed home from work.  He pretty much slept all day.  
  • Luke and I did our normal thing.  
  • 15 Weeks

March 2-Wednesday

  • I took Tim to work so that I could have the car for my doctor's appointment.
  • We came home & cleaned house & got showered & dressed, then Luke took a nap until after the boys got here.
  • Beth arrived and the 5 of us headed to my doctor's appointment.
  • Beth stayed in the lobby with all 3 boys, so she didn't get to hear the heartbeat for all 20 seconds Dr. M listened to it. 
  • It was nice to hear the heartbeat and know that no matter how run down I feel, the baby is okay.
  • I lost another 5 lbs, total loss in 15 weeks--20 lbs.
  • Dr. M said I was dehydrated & that at this point he recommends Home-Health-Care for IV hydration & IV Zofran.  
  • I also got a new prescription for my tiny dose of anti-depressant, to see if that will help with my nausea.  (We think that my stress over Luke's weight, the kitchen reno, and more may be effecting my appetite.)  
  • We left here and got the boys some McDonald's to eat and me some Chic-Fil-A to not eat.  :(  
  • Then we headed home.  Tim got a ride with his boss, so I didn't have to go pick him up. Yay!  
  • After Mandy got the boys, the three of us headed to Joe's Crab Shack for what was supposed to be a nice date dinner.  Only the food sucked. :(  I got the crab dip, which was yucky.  (Seriously, pickles in crab dip????)  Then I ordered crab stuffed shrimp & just couldn't get past the two tastes together to be able to eat it.  Tim's was okay, but way too much food for him.  Luke played with his fries & didn't touch his nuggets. Oh well.  
  • We went home & to bed.

March 3-Thursday

  • Thursday day was lazy for Luke and I.  I got some housework done and made a bunch of phone calls to set up the home-health-care nurse. 
  • A guy came and dropped off all the medicine and supplies that the nurses would need.
  • When Tim got home he went right to work on the kitchen.
  • Luke and I headed out to Golden Corral for dinner.  We both ate well and filled our tummies!  The nurse called while we were eating, so we scrapped our plans to go to the pharmacy & Wal-Mart and headed home.
  • I had Tim take Luke to the grocery store with him while I waited on the nurse.  I thought she was going to be right there, but she ended up being over an hour behind me.  
  • At 9:15ish the nurse showed up.  She spent a long time going through all the stuff that was left and programing the IV pump.
  • Tim got home & I got Luke dressed & ready for bed.  
  • Then I nursed him to sleep. 
  • Tim took the dogs into the back of the house, while the nurse got me all set-up.  She taught me how to administer my Zofran (4 mg every 12 hours, on top of the 8 mg I already take orally every 6 hours) and tend to my IV line and pump.  It was 11:30 before she finished and left.
  • We all went to bed then.  

March 4-Friday

  • So far today, I've eaten yogurt, a Strawberry Shortcake, and Pringles. 
  •  I drank a whole glass of Hawaiian Punch and almost a whole 20 oz of Gatorade!  
  • The IV seems to be helping, even though I still FEEL exhausted.  
  • I got the house picked up & vacuumed and Luke bathed & down for a nap.  I have a chore to-do list, but haven't really worked on it much.  This back-pack full of IV junk is a pain in the butt!
  • I have to be on the IV for 48 hours and then Dr. M will re-evaluate if/when I need to do more IVs after seeing how it helps.
Night Time Update:
  • Well, the nurse just left. I'm off the IV fluids. Yay! I still have the IV line in though, so I can get a dose of IV Zofran Saturday morning & Sunday morning. Then Monday, I'll see if Dr. M will order more or what he wants to do from there. Monday they'll come to either remove the IV or put in a new one. (Can only have each line in for 3 days.) I'm still not 100% but I feel a lot better.

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