Friday, February 25, 2011

Pregnancy Number 2

I don't think I've done ANY posts devoted solely to this pregnancy, since I announced I was pregnant & even then, I don't think it was just about the pregnancy!

So, I figured, I've got a couple minutes to spare while I'm on hold (w/the bank about cashing our check for the kitchen repairs), I'll write something up!

I'm 14 weeks pregnant now and still pretty miserable.

I found out I was pregnant because I felt "off" and extremely exhausted and some of my Diaperswappers friends suggested I take a home-pregnancy-test.  Boy was I shocked to see that positive!  (I had to take 2 tests to believe it!)

I started to experience nausea and morning sickness, just like with Luke, almost immediately.  We weren't sure if I was between 5 and 12 weeks pregnant, so it was a few days before we got that question answered.  I thought for sure, since the morning sickness was so awful, that I was farther along.  No such luck.  I was only 5 weeks pregnant when I found out.

5 Weeks--Sesame Seed!

So, I've had puking, nausea, just-plain-can't-eat, and more with this pregnancy.  I've had cramps and gas, my "hemmies" are back, I've been constipated & had the runs.  I was dehydrated and had the stomach flu one weekend, then Luke had it all week, and I had it again that following weekend!  All in all, it has NOT been a good pregnancy so far.

I had an ultrasound at about 8 weeks and we got a few pictures of the baby. 

My 12 week appointment fell during the time that Luke was sick & I was miserable with exhaustion.  Dr. Morgan wasn't able to find the baby's heartbeat in his office, but we are not concerned because I do still have a "little extra tissue" as he so politely put it!  

On that front, I was down to 188 lbs at that appointment and I had been at about 203 lbs at the start of the menstrual cycle that this baby was conceived during.  So my total weight loss right now is 15 lbs, but I'm pretty sure I've lost more since then.  (We're quickly approaching my 16 week appointment!)  

The morning sickness and exhaustion are making things so rough this time.  I'm pretty depressed about losing my milk supply, but Luke doesn't seem too phased by it.  The last two nights he has slept through the night & last night he barely nursed for 2 minutes before falling asleep.  There just wasn't any milk for him.  :(  

I haven't taken a single "belly" picture, even though I do have a tiny bump going on this time.  I'm just too worn out to get cleaned up for a picture!

Tim felt the baby move a tiny bit about a week ago, but we both felt strong, purposeful kicks last night just before bed.  The baby seems to be settled to the right side of my abdomen & my uterus is about the size of a small grapefruit right now.  

We're really hoping for a girl, but I'm slowly coming to peace with the idea of another son.  I mean, Luke is a REALLY cool kid.  

I've pretty much got the baby's diaper stash ready, I would like another dozen newborn "all-in-ones" for going out & for ease of use, but they are pretty spendy and used for such a short time, that I'm not sure we'll be able to get them.  

14 Weeks--what it looks like "for real"

14 Weeks--About the size of a lemon

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