Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunday Update

Feb. 15-24 Bullet Style--Just to cover the highlights!

Feb. 15- Tuesday

  • 13 Weeks
  • Peggy picked Luke & I up after work
  • Texas Roadhouse Mystery Shop (dinner at the bar w/ Tim--Tom & Peggy babysat)

Feb. 16- Wednesday

  • Started calling at 8:30 to find Tim an eye doctor's appointment for the "something" in his eye
  • Got him a 10:00 & myself a 10:30 appointment, so rushed to get ready to go
  • Went with Tim to the eye doctors & had my eye's examined. My prescription has changed & my vision is now 20/50 in both eyes. 
  • Ordered cute new purple glasses
  • Went home & ate left-overs for lunch with Tim before he went back to work
  • Cleaned house & got ready for Time Starved Marriage Small Group 
  • Peggy picked Luke & I up again & took me all the way to small group

Feb. 17-Thursday

  • It must not have been very noteworthy, because I can't remember Thursday at all!!

Feb. 18- Friday

  • Took Tim to work, went to Chic Fil A for breakfast, then the yarn store & then Luke to the doctor
  • Dr. C freaked out because Luke is now off of the charts for weight, he only weighed 19 lbs and 6 oz.  
  • Ran errands, Pharmacy, Swung by the house to get the boys, Lunch at Ci-Ci's, then back to the VB Yarn Store
  • Picked Tim up from work & brought him home, took all 3 boys to the playground until Mandy got there

Feb. 19-Saturday

Mosaic Moon Kirkland on Cestari--
To be turned into Short-alls for Luke & either Short-alls or a Skirt-all for the new baby!

Woof on Cestari w/ Cascade 220 Orange--
To be turned into Short-alls for Luke

Born in a Barn Del Mar on Cestari, Random brown scraps on Cestari or MMW, with Cascade 220 Tan--
To be turned into shorties for Luke

Mosaic Moon Copper Patina w/ Green Trim on Cestari--
To be turned into shorties for Luke
  • Tim got up early with Aaron (6:30)
  • I cleaned house & got ready to go
  • Took Luke & Aaron to the PO (to mail the above pictured yarns to 4 different knitters) & Babies R Us 
  • Mandy arrived to babysit Luke
  • Tim worked in the kitchen (and his dad eventually came to help too)
  • I went to Lo Lo's baby shower in VB
  • I can't remember what I did in the evening

Feb. 20-Sunday

  • Church at the Gathering UMC in the morning
  • Came home & did housework
  • Tim worked in the kitchen some
  • We watched part of "Sherlock Holmes" together while Luke napped
  • Got dressed & ready to go, then took Luke to Tom & Peggy's
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise Mystery Shop

Luke, ready for bed after the Cheeseburger in Paradise shop
I can tell how skinny he is & his eyes look sickly to me.  I can't weight til he puts the weight back on!

Feb. 21-Monday

  • President's Day
  • Tim was off
  • Dad came over early to help sand the kitchen
  • Mom & I took Luke to his GI appointment
  • Dr. K did not think Luke's weight loss was near as drastic as Dr. C had, he suggested we try Rice Milk and do monthly weight checks, he also gave us samples of two "medical foods" (Vital Kids Jr. & Duo-Cal)
  • We had Arby's for lunch 
  • I took Tim to the eye doctor for a re-check of his drilled out eye ball, Dr. C said it was healing nicely, but it would be about 2-3 weeks before Tim's eye sight was back to normal
  • Luke & I went to Red Lobster with Mom, Dad, Mandy, and Frankie 
Feb. 22-Tuesday
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • 14 Weeks
  • Didn't accomplish much around the house, thanks to the VERY dusty kitchen
  • Ran out to buy sposies, since all the cloth was in the process of being washed
  • Dinner at Ci-Ci's in VB with the Johnson family (morning sickness ruined it for me)

Feb. 23-Wednesday

  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Did laundry
  • Cleaned house
  • Chic Fil A for dinner
  • Time Starved Marriage Small Group in VB

Feb. 24-Thursday

  • Luke slept through the night!  Mama did NOT.  (He was in our bed.)
  • Up at 7 am, but in a good mood, so we'll see how the day goes

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