Saturday, January 7, 2012

Still Sick

Sat. Jan 7

The boys are still mega sick. Which means we aren't doing much of anything.

Luke now has an ear infection on top of the sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, and RSV that he is sharing with his brother.

We took him to the doctor yesterday because he had only 3 wet diapers between Thursday at noon & Friday at 10 am, but they weren't concerned.  They said with his energy level its obvious he's not dehydrated.

He did have another wet (a lot wet) diaper before bed last night & wet one during the night too.  So, since Thursday at noon (its now Saturday at 8:30am) he's had 5 wet diapers and one runny bowel movement.  He's definitely headed into dehydration territory.

His temperature is up to 104.4 this morning and he's not feeling well at all.

Vinnie's cough seems to be getting worse instead of better.  He definitely NEEDS the inhaler every 6 hours and it helps a lot.  His temperature has remained stable around 99.9*, but I've been giving him the Tylenol just to help with the yuckiness he is feeling.  It seems to help him rest better.

The biggest *joy* is that now I'm getting some sinus-y thing going on.  Its miserable and my head is killing me.  There is no room for a sick Mama when both babies are sick, so this needs to vamoose quickly!

I finally started working on laundry yesterday, after taking all week off to take care of the boys, and I have 11 loads to wash, fold, and put away!  :/  A couple of those are just linens that have been puked/poo'ed on. :(

Lots of friends have offered help, and while I KNOW we could USE help, I'm not sure HOW.  I mean, quite obviously I could use someone to cook, clean, and do laundry, so I can snuggle and love on my sick little boys...but I can't ask even our closest friends to come do my chores.  Its just part of being a goes on and you do what you can & what you can't do, just doesn't get done.  Oh well.

I'm doing a pretty good job of not stressing over the mess, dishes piling up, laundry all over the kitchen and laundry, and floors needing vacuumed/mopped, but it definitely takes focus.

All in all, this has to pass eventually.  We'll make it through & then we'll catch up on the housework.  My boys need me to snuggle and nurse and love on them, so that has to be my priority.

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