Thursday, January 5, 2012

Arr Ess Vee

RSV--my boys have it and it sucks.

On Monday the 2nd they both developed coughs.  Tuesday we did the whole "wait & see" thing and they got steadily worse.

By Wednesday, I knew it was time to go to the doctor's.  Vinnie's RSV test came back positive immediately and was glaring....they said it was the fastest/brightest positive they'd seen!  :/

Luke was running a temperature of about 101* and Vinnie's was at about 99*.  Both boys also have sinus/upper respiratory infections and "gunky" ear/nose/throat canals/tubes.

Dr. G (the touchy one) prescribed antibiotics to both boys and an inhaler for Vinnie.  She also said to keep giving Luke his cough & cold strips & to give both boys Tylenol as needed for pain/fever management.

Luke's fever is raging today.  It got up to 103.3* and this mama was pretty upset.  Both boys just want to snuggle, nurse, and cuddle, and sleep.
Earlier we went from this (above) Both boys screaming & Mommy at her wit's end...

To this (below)  Both boys passed out & in a milk coma....

I'm worried about them.  We've been SOOOO sick since October and just can't seem to catch a break.

This is what the little sicklings look like now:

Luke, with cheeseball face.....but you can see the "sick" in his eyes

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