Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stash Update

The ever changing diaper stash is at a stand still:

 For Luke:

AIO/Pockets: 22

2 Thirsties Duo Size 2
3 BG 3.0
8 Fuzzi Bunz (combo of Mediums & OS)
2 Alva Baby (day-time stuffing)
6 Alva Baby (overnight stuffing)

Fitteds: 5

1 SBish Snapless Multi
1 Butterfly Baby Snapless
3 Soggy Bottom Baby Mediums

For Vinnie:

AIOs/Pockets: 24

9 BG 3.0s Velcro
6 BG 3.0s Snap
3 BottomBumpers (OS)
2 Sunbaby
1 Swaddleebees
1 Grovia AIO
1 Haute Pocket
1 Blueberry

Fitteds: 9

3 Soggy Bottom Baby Smalls
1 Wonderwrap

Luke's Wool:

Vinnie's Wool:

PUL/ Fleece:

Not in Rotation Wool:

All the diapers & wool in the organizer.

All the buckets laid out, so you can see what is in them.
The empty one is there to represent the 21 diapers that are coming!

I need to count up the wool & covers & then I'll add those.  There are a lot of diapers out for repair right now.  My friend JoAnna is repairing 8 BG 3.0s that my friend Jennifer gave us & 7 other diapers I sent her.  I also have 6 more Bottombumpers that are out for repair with them.  So, that will add another 21 diapers to our stash too.  Some of those diapers will be Luke's, some will be Vinnie's, so I will wait to add them to the list until I know who is getting what in their "stash".

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