Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My diaper stash that is....is getting overhauled!

Through several sales on Diaperswappers and in person, through the generosity of friends (both online & in real life) I've been able to get our diaper stash back in the green! :)

(Top Left-Vinnie's Pockets, Top Right-Luke's Pockets)
(2nd Row Left-Vinnie's Pockets, 2nd Row Right- Luke's PUL diapers, Luke's Fitted Diapers)
(3rd Row Left-Empty-waiting for the rest of Vinnie's stash to be back from repairs, 3rd Row Right-Luke's wool)
(Bottom Left-Vinnie's Fitteds, Vinnie's Wool, PUL/Fleece Covers, Outgrown/Not in use Wool)
Current Numbers:

PUL Diapers: 57

Large (Luke only): 2

Large BG 3.0 (out for repair)
Large Drybee AIO (out for repair)

One Size (shared): 42

27 BG 3.0 Pockets (18 in house, the rest out for repair)
4 Thirsties Duo Size 2 (picking 2 up today)
9 Bottombumpers (some are Mediums/some are OS) (3 OS in house, rest out for repair)
2 BG 1.0 Pockets (out for repair)

Medium (Luke only): 7

6 Medium FuzziBunz

Small (Vinnie only): 6

2 Sunbaby Pockets (out for repair)
Haute Pocket
Swaddlebee Pocket
Small BG (almost outgrown) (out for repair)
Sm Wonderwap (out for repair)

Fitted Diapers: 12

One Size  (shared): 2

1 SBish Snapless Multi
1 Butterfly Baby

Medium (Luke only): 3

3 Medium Soggy Bottom Baby

Small (Vinnie only): 7

3 Small Soggy Bottom Baby
1 Small Wonderwrap w/ shot PUL
2 Small Fuzzi Bunz with shot PUL
1 Small BG with shot PUL

OTW Diapers: 8

8 Alva Baby OS Pockets


When we have all of the diapers in the house & in action, we'll have a decent sized stash.  Until then, we're making do as best as we can.  I think with the new numbers we will be pretty well set.  I'm slowly selling off Vinnie's wool as he outgrows it, since we are using almost exclusively AIOs/Pockets.

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