Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunday Update- 7 & 8 & 9 Weeks Old

Week 7
Mon. Nov. 30
Another "smile" caught on camera!  It's hard to catch the actual smile--but I promise you, he has a nice big grin!

Luke and I spent most of the day getting Tim's oil changed at Priority Toyota.  I used my Bjorn carrier & was able to nurse him at the dealership.

Tues. Dec. 1
Melanie came over during the day.  She took care of Luke while I showered & then we went to Greenbrier Mall so she could buy ballet shoes for the girls.  Afterwards, I had my 6 week doctor's appointment.  

I got stuck in Virginia Beach because there was an accident that closed down one of the major bridges.  I went and visited with my old neighbor's on Lineberry Rd. and then went to Tom & Peggy's for a while.  

Luke even gave Peggy some smiles!

Weds. Dec. 2
I guess we did nothing important!!

Thurs. Dec. 3
Finally napping on a nest of pillows!

Tyler and Luke, snuggling before bed.  Tony is so cute--every night he asks to hold the baby at least 2 or 3 times!

Fri. Dec. 4
Laura drove down from Pennsylvania & came to visit around 4.  We spent a couple hours chit-chatting while she visited with Luke.  

Mom, Dad, and Frankie drove down from Pennsylvania.  They got in around 7.  I made hamburgers, gravy, French fries and something else for dinner.  We all ate dinner & Mom & Dad took turns visiting with Luke.  

Sat. Dec. 5
We had dinner at Amanda's house for Tony's birthday.


Sun. Dec. 6
Luke's baptism.  We had a great day!  We got up early to make it to church on time.  Luke's baptism went well, he didn't even cry!  He looked absolutely darling in his outfit!  Afterwards, we made breakfast for 16 people.  We had breakfast casserole, bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast.  Mom, Dad, Frankie, and Laura all had to leave right after breakfast.  Chrissy and Amanda headed out pretty early too.  James and Missy hung around and visited until about 3.  It was nice to get to spend some quiet alone time in our house, with our friends, just relaxing!  After they headed home, we started getting ready to go to Va Beach.  We went to dinner with Tom and Peggy at Max and Erma's.  It was so-so.  

Week 8
Mon. Dec. 7
Tim was off.  Tony was home too.  I did laundry & "sunned" my diapers.  Luke fits into small SBBs now.  It's sad, he's growing SO fast!  We went 16 hours without using any bottles!

Tues. Dec. 8
I had a huge day--it's easiest to just copy & paste from Diaperswappers, so here ya go:
Shower & get dressed
Go w/ my sister to get my nephew in school
Girl Scout Council to do paperwork & visit MIL
Subway (MIL took me out to lunch)
Water Store
Take fliers to school for Girl Scouts
Visit w/ Teacher friends
Get gas & nurse
Call Girl Scout parents (from car)
Food Lion for groceries
Home to unload it all & get ready for Scouts
Girl Scouts
Drive-thru at Wendy's
Dinner @ home

Weds. Dec. 9
We were up early (7 am) to get ready to go to an IEP (special ed.) meeting for my nephew's new school. He's going to school in my city now.

The meeting dtarted at 9 & I got there at 9:20. Oopsie!!

In my defense, I accidentally felted a cashmerino baby blanket & I spent a bit of time blocking it out on the drying rack to try to save it.

We both got washed & dressed early though which was nice.

The meeting went until almost 10:30. Afterwards, I straightened up my room while Luke napped. Around 12 my sister headed to work, leaving me to babysit Caro for the first time since Luke was born.

I fed Luke & then laid down to nap w/ him. I told Caro to either color (at the foot of my bed) or sleep w/ us.

I woke up @ 1 & she was still asleep! I mixed up brownie mix and then Luke woke up. 

Thurs. Dec. 10--See Post

Fri. Dec. 11-
Today was a good day, over all, I guess.  Since I was out of the house all day yesterday, I ate WAY too much stuff that had milk in it & I dealt w/ the consequences of my actions all morning.  Poor Luke was so sick and upset and cranky.  It was after 11 am before he crashed & I got a shower.  

He took a nice afternoon nap, while Tyler (suspended after a day & a half!!) Carolynn, and I took him grocery shopping.  We went to WM and got some groceries & 4 outfits for Luke.  (3 of the Carter's $8 fleece sets & 1 organic cotton jogging outfit)  

I made rice & gravy for dinner.  Chrissy, Mandy, Tony, Tim, Carolynn, and I all helped to decorate the Christmas tree.  It's so pretty!  We went with purple this year, so that I could use my pretty purple lights that Chrissy bought me a couple years back.  

After dinner Amanda & I took some pictures of Luke.

Sat. Dec. 12
The highlight of this day was our participation in "A Night in Bethlehem" at church.  

Sun. Dec. 13

I'm guessing we did nothing, since this is all I have from Diaperswappers:
OK so my normally happy-go-lucky never-ever-cries baby boy has started this weird thing where he cries for apparently NO reason & nothing soothes him. It lasts less than a minute & then goes away.

What's going on? Worth mentioning to his doc next week?

I am down to using only 1 or 2 bottles in a 24 hour period--always b/c of convenience though, Luke would totally nurse all the time...but I'm sometimes too tired or busy.

I am trying to get him OFF the bottle so that I can use that as the excuse for why I won't let anyone babysit. MIL is really starting to harp on me about not leaving him. I'm not ready. Why is it so hard to understand. I have PPD...I NEED to be with my baby. I cannot FATHOM leaving him.

I still sometimes just sit & marvel and cry just a little. He's 8 weeks old. I just can't get over the reality of having this little PERSON totally dependent on me to help him be the person I hope he can be.

We are broke. We aren't going to be getting gifts for anyone that I know of. I hope to try to make some crafts w/ Luke's hand/foot prints.

Week 9
Mon. Dec. 14
We had a counselling appointment for Tyler at 8 am.  We were late, but they saw him anyway.  I pumped in the car while the babies slept..then took them into the waiting room when I was done.  After the appointment we took Tyler to his school.  Chrissy had to go in with him because he was suspended on Friday.  I sat in the car with the babies.  After we dropped Tony off, we headed to Wal-Mart to get some groceries.  We spent over $80 and didn't even get enough to get past Wednesday.  
Chrissy didn't have to work so when we got home she entertained Carolynn & Luke & I took a nap.  I made spaghetti sauce for dinner and we ate when Tim got home.  Nothing exciting happened otherwise.

Tues. Dec. 15
Tony rode the bus to school and Chrissy and I had to get up and head over at 9 am for a parent/teacher conference with all of his core subject teachers & his principal.  The meeting was basically to determine what was expected of Tony & for his teachers to meet us and learn about Tony's situation.  I think it went well.  
After the meeting, I drove Chrissy to work.  Then I went to two different fire stations to get Luke's car seat adjusted.  Then I went to Rock a Bye Baby where I nursed Luke & bought him a pair of Carter's khaki pants.  Then I headed to Melanie's house for a photo shoot in his alpaca outfit.  It is PERFECT and to-die-for!  I love it!  

We ate a picnic lunch there & I fed Luke again and then we all headed home in order to get there before Tyler.  I made chili for dinner but Tim and I didn't get to eat any before we had to leave for church. 
We went to the church at 8 pm for our Olan Mills church directory pictures.  We planned on just getting our free 8x10 but couldn't resist that adorable smile Luke gave the photographer, so we bought the smallest package.  
Afterwards, Luke needed to eat again so we went to Tom & Peggy's for a while.  

Weds. Dec. 16
Today was a good day.  We are officially bottle free!  Yay!  I got up & got housework done after my computer time.  Luke and Carolynn napped well & so I got a lot done.  About 11:45 Chrissy called and said that Tyler needed lunch money, so I got Carolynn & Luke bathed & headed over there to give him some money.  After that we all rested for a while.  Around 2, both babies were asleep & I got busy on dinner & housework.  
I made soup for dinner & have just been doing my "stay-at-home-mom" thing all day/evening.


Smellyann said...

PHew, that was long! But I'm glad you posted it, now I'm all caught up. I can't stop admiring Luke in his little outfit. He wears it well! ;) The Tony/Tyler thing totally throws me off, man!!

1shosh said...

Hey - do you use any carriers beside the Bjorn? If not, let me suggest a few.....