Friday, December 11, 2009

Crazy Thursday!

(If this post sounds odd I'm sorry, it's a C & P from my diaperswappers chat group!) 

Yesterday, I was woken up @ 8:30 to find out my sis. (the one who lives w/ me) was pulled over & her license was suspended...could I please come pick her & her 2 yo up, all the way in Va Beach (40 mins away)...

ARGH. It took me 2 hours to get Luke up, dressed, and both of us ready to go out of the house...and neither of us showered!

We got to her at 11:00. She loaded her worldly possessions & kid into my truck.
We parked her van in a Food Lion parking lot.

Then we drove 35 minutes out to her work.

While at her work (a 3.5 mil $$ condo on the ocean front) I nursed Luke. Then we headed back into town.

We left there at 12:15--both babies were asleep. (Caro 2 1/2 & Luke)

We got to the Carters store around 1. I found a cute onesie (My Grandpa is the Best) and bib (I love my Grandpa) for less than $7 total! Yay!

I fed & changed Luke while we were there too.

Then we headed to Rock a Bye Baby (a consignment store). I ran into folks I knew so we were there a while. I also had to feed Luke there (don't you love feeding on demand EVERY.SINGLE.HOUR!) I bought Luke a sleep sack, a sleeper, and a fleece jogging outfit (all Carters) for $12.

After we left there (2:30!?!?!) I went to McDonald's and got Caro some lunch & then Subway to get some lunch for me & then to my friend Melanie's.

I had to drop off her broken hard-drive & you-guessed-it, feed Luke!

We ended up staying there until 5:30.

When we left there we headed to MIL's. I thought she was going to feed us dinner but she offered "sandwiches" as dinner. I can't eat their bread or cheese...and I'd had a sandwich from Subway for lunch. So, we passed.

Caro took a nap, Luke got loved on by his grandparents & I relaxed. Oh & I fed Luke.

Then about 6:45 it was time to head out to church. We stopped by Chic Fil A....and then got to church 15 minutes late.

Church was a safety seminar that was really good. I was there until 9:15. (I did feed Luke once during the program, Caro was in the nursery.)

Right when we got into the truck, Luke wanted to eat again, so we sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes while he ate.

Then we headed home. We made it less than 10 minutes down the road when I stopped b/c he was screaming bloody murder. I held him, nursed him, and got him all calmed down (almost asleep) and then put him back in his seat. He freaked again. So I held him some more.

Around 10 I gave up, loaded him up, and headed home. (Driving like a speeding bullet) He cried for a full 20 minutes. It took him 30 minutes at home to calm down. Poor guy. He HATES his car seat right now.

When I got home (10:20?) I had everyone else unload the truck while Luke & I stripped down to undies/diaper & had some skin-to-skin snuggle time.

After he was calm I got pjs on & put away all the stuff I'd brought home & then started laundry.

It was a LONG & tiring day!!

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