Monday, December 28, 2009

Friend Making Monday

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Hmm....what are my resolutions for the coming year.

Well, before I can answer that question I have to think about what 2010 will be bringing for us.

Jan 18-Luke will be 3 months old
Jan 23-Tim and I will have been together 6 years
Feb 18-Luke will be 4 months old
March 18-Luke will be 5 months old
April 4-Luke's first Easter
April 18-Luke will be 6 months old
May 18-Luke will be 7 months old
June 14-Tim's 28th birthday
June 18-Luke will be 8 months old
End of June-Chrissy & her kids are hopefully moving out
July 7-Carolynn's 3rd birthday
July 18-Luke will be 9 months old
Aug. 5-Our fourth anniversary
Aug. 18 Luke will be 10 months old
Sept. 18-Luke will be 11 months old
Sept. 25-My 27th birthday
Oct. 18-Luke's first birthday 
Nov. 18-Luke will be 13 months old
Nov. 25-Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania
Dec. 18-Luke will be 14 months old (talk to doctor about TTC)

So, I would like to get into shape before Jan 2011.  That's when we plan on starting to TTC our next baby.  Luke will be 15 months old & I need to be in top physical shape so I can have a successful VBAC.  I weight about 180 right now & my "ideal" weight is 140 so I've got 40 lbs to lose.  That's 1.25 lbs a week or 3.33 lbs a month.  It would be great if I lost it faster, but I don't want to set an unrealistic goal.  The ways I plan to achieve this goal are walking with Luke & Carolynn daily, getting on my Wii Fit as often as possible, and watching what I eat.  

I'd like to get our finances worked out a little better so that by Luke's birthday in October we can have a SMASHING first birthday party.  Mark your calendars Oct. 16, 2010--party day!  I want to get him a Thomas the Train table and lots of Thomas accessories.  The ways we plan to make this goal possible include paying off my car (with our tax return) or getting rid of it, managing our finances/budget even better, and cutting our grocery and gas bills.  

I think those are my only resolutions.  What are yours?  


Smellyann said...

I think my only resolution is going to be to keep on top of the housecleaning and the cooking better.

Paige said...

Great list! Wishing you and your family all the best in 2010.