Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diaper Tips Tuesdays!

The Cloth Diaper Report is hosting "Diaper Tips Tuesdays"...and I thought I'd play along.

This week's task is: Share your Thanksgiving travel stories and upcoming holiday travel plans. Cloth, hybrids (i.e. Grobaby or gdiapers) or 'sposies?

Well, we didn't "travel" for Thanksgiving, but we did spend the entire day at the in-laws house.  

I took with me: my breast pump, 12 preemie prefolds, 12 Katedanzer wipees (to use as doublers, 3 covers (2 preemie prowraps, one NB pull on), and about 8 sposies.  We didn't need the sposies or even all 12 diapers.  I also took a tote bag to put the dirty diapers in.  I don't have any wet bags or pail liners & I knew a ziploc bag wouldn't be big enough to get through the day.  

For Christmas, we'll be heading to Pennsylvania to see my family.  I'll bring my entire stash.  I'll also bring my 7th Generation Laundry detergent.  My parents don't mind me doing diaper laundry at their house & we'll try to keep things as normal as possible!  

That's my tip!  Keep it as routine as possible!

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Emi said...

I think sticking to your usual plan is the best as it is what you're used to and it's great to have supportive family to let you use their W/D!