Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Diaper Tips Tuesdays!

I am once again participating in Diaper Tips Tuesday!

Week 3: 
What is your favorite Cloth Wipes solution and/or recipe?

Unfortunately, my post is going to be rather LAME.  

Luke is allergic to wipe solution!  Cry!  I had some wipe bits that I got from a WAHM on diaperswappers in a yummy flavor, and we tried them.  Poor Luke got an awful diaper rash.  SO, we switched back to sposie wipes (what a pain!).  

When we finish w/ the sposie wipes that we have in the house, we're going to go back to our cloth wipes, with just plain old water.  Luke gets a bath daily, so plain water is fine for his "clean ups".  

I also use cloth wipes ("family cloth") and I do not use any solution.  I keep a diaper pail (mini) in my bathroom for my wipes & for Luke's diapers when we change him in our room, so it all just goes into the diaper laundry!  


Emi said...

Actually, it's great to have another perspective! I'm sure other families may have had similar experiences, and it doesn't mean to give up on cloth, but finding what works best for your family and little one!

1shosh said...

We use water with some witch hazel and a drop of baby wash. it works great, keeps his skin nice and soft, and smells great!