Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vinnie-15 Months Old

Slacker Mom of 2nd Baby....Vinnie's monthly updates have been few & far between.

Birth: My tiny little peanut. :) 5 lbs 14 oz

One Month Old
 Two Months Old
 Three Months Old
Four Months Old
 Five Months Old-
At 5 months he could sit in a tripod & roll both ways!
 Six Months Old (fits into big brother's hand-me-down Woodland Tale longies)
 Seven Months Old

Almost 8 Months Old
(First Word @ 8 Months)
(8.5 months--crawling!)
(Signed MILK!)
9 Months Old

10 Months Old

11 Months Old--Standing Up! 

13 Months Old (Sept. 2012) 
Vinnie learned to walk on September 17--13 months & 9 days old!
14 Months Old (Oct. 2012)

15 Months Old Nov. 8, 2012

Sign Language:
Vinnie understands and uses these signs correctly:
More, Milk, Down, Eat, All Done,  Bye --we've been slackers on the sign language

He understands these signs:
 Up, Yucky, Stuck, Open, Help

Spoken Language:
Vinnie says:
Mom, Dad, Bye, Down, Milk (meh), No, Dog, Down, Button (butt), Brother (bruh), Cup, That, Cut, Up

Phrases he can say:

Animals he can name:

Animal sounds he can make:

Fine Motor Skills:
He can fit small objects into small spaces.
He is starting to understand and figure out his shape sorters and puzzles. 
He can put a ball (2") into a small hole (4"). 
Vinnie can pick up single pieces of small fruit or cereal & eat them. 
Vinnie can use a spoon to eat some foods.

Gross Motor Skills:
Vinnie can walk but it is still the early walker waddle.
He can walk backwards a few steps. 
He can kick a ball.  (big or small!) 
He even dances, by stomping his feet and wiggling his butt!  
Vinnie can climb ladders, up stairs,  onto the couches, onto the ottoman, off of the couch, off of the bed, and more.  He can get just about any where he sets his mind to.
Vinnie waves hi & bye.
Vinnie can carry large, awkward, and heavy objects in front of him while walking. 
Vinnie can throw a ball over and under handed. 

Vinnie only has 4 teeth! Two on top & two on bottom!

Vinnie LOVES to eat.  Although he struggles with MANY food allergies, he enjoys eating apples, pears, peaches, "chips", dried cranberries and many freeze dried fruits too!

Vinnie eats breakfast shortly after waking up.  Breakfast may be veggie chips, 1/2 a piece of fresh fruit, a bowl of dried/freeze dried fruit (such as cranberries--his favorite), or a "squeezie" baby food pouch.  

Vinnie is now eating 1/2 a hot dog (specialty for no allergies) for lunch.  He might also eat some fruit or chips.

Vinnie eats an allergy free version of whatever we have for dinner.  We make him plain chicken (grilled or fried in coconut oil) a lot.

He LOVES the fruit sorbet tubes that are like popsicles.

Vinnie goes to bed between 7:30-8:30.   
He normally sleeps until at least 12:30 but sometimes sleeps through until 2 or 3:30.  He likes to nurse for a few minutes when he wakes up until he falls back asleep. 
Then he sleeps for another 3 hours or so & wakes up to nurse again. 
Then he goes back to sleep (on the boob) and wakes up for the day around 6:30 am...sleeping in, means 7:15.
Vinnie still nurses and takes a morning nap, about 3 hours after he gets up. 
He sometimes takes an afternoon nap when he nurses around 4 pm.  He sometimes just nurses for a few minutes and is done.  He can't decide if he needs 2 naps a day or not. 

We plan to switch him to the toddler bed in the next week or two.

Vinnie enjoys playing:
I'm going to get you (chase)
In the bath tub
"Talk" on the phone
Reading books
With his big brother 
He plays cars & makes Vroom noises, plays trains, and fighters.  
He knows how to play swords and guns, with the appropriate noises & actions.

Car Seat Safety:
Vinnie rides in a  Graco Safeseat 32 rearfacing car seat. 
The limits on that seat are 30 lbs and 32 inches.  Vinnie is about 21 lbs and 29.5 inches tall.  

Potty Learning:
We have not started potty training Vinnie.

Vinnie can point out his ear and nose.  He can "wash" his hair, put lotion on his belly, & raise his arms.  We are still working on eyes and mouth. 
He can work the iPadTim's iPod Touch, and my iPhone to play his baby apps.  

Vinnie is my sweet baby.  He likes to snuggle and love on folks.  He is a Daddy's boy, but Mama wins out if he is hungry or tired.  Daddy can put Vinnie to sleep if he has recently nursed.  Vinnie is very much still a baby and we love him just as he is!

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