Thursday, November 8, 2012

June Part 2 6/7-24/2012

Going to go ahead & hit publish on this one I found in my drafts bin. :)

Thursday June 7
We got up in the morning and took Luke to CHKD to get his belly x-rays done & then to get blood drawn.
When we were done with that we went home for a bit before heading out to Wal-Mart for Vinnie's pictures & some groceries.

Friday June 8
Happy 10 Month Birthday Vincent James!

Saturday June 9
First thing in the morning, Tim took Aaron to his baseball game.
Luke and I ran to Kohl's to buy new sneakers.  When we got home Vinnie was still asleep, so we left him at home with Tim and headed to Aaron's baseball game.
After Aaron's game we came home and ate lunch.  Aaron's team lost but won their second game by forfeit, so we were free to go to Busch Gardens.
We picked Amanda & Grayson & Spencer up and then hit the road.  We ended up being at BG very late.

Sunday June 10
Sunday was the first meeting of the new Women's Bible Study I'm attending, so Vinnie & I went to that in the afternoon while Tim stayed home with Luke.

Monday June 11
On Monday I babysat for Melanie's little kids while Chloe did a t.v. shoot.  In the afternoon I took the boys down to CHKD so Luke could see Dr. Konikoff about his puking.  He got put back on reflux medicine, Prevacid Solutabs.

Tuesday June 12
Happy 34th Birthday Chrissy!

Wednesday June 13

Thursday June 14
Happy 30th Birthday Tim!!  
Tim took the day off of work to take me to the doctor about my boob.  Our appointment was bright & early.  After that, we stopped by Betti & Aaron's house to say goodbye & wish them lots of luck in Texas.
After that was settled, we loaded up & hit the road for Busch Gardens.

Friday June 15

Saturday June 16
Birthday dinner at our house for Tim?

Sunday June 17
Happy Father's Day to Tim & Dad! 

Monday June 18

Tuesday June 19
Happy Birthday to Laura & Lo! 

June 20
Vinnie in an Aveeno bath

June 21
Ultrasound of breast at 7:45 in the morning & Thyroid at 9:30 in the morning
I think we went swimming at Mandy's work in the afternoon, I know I missed the VBS planning party I was supposed to attend.

June 22-June 24
Vinnie has mastered hands & knees crawling. :)

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