Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby steps...

One year, one month, and 9 days old and Vinnie is finally walking! Woohoo!!

Around Labor Day (September 3) Vinnie was able to take 1 step on his own and then he'd sit down. At James & Missy's house he did take a couple of tentative steps in a row, but didn't repeat it again any time.

Last night at Tom & Peggy's he took a couple steps in a row again!

Today, Monday the 17th, he finally realized that he CAN walk!  His first "journey" was several feet across the living room in a daze of sorts!  I've been trying to get him to repeat it, but he's tired so I haven't had much luck...just a couple steps and then he falls face first on the floor. :(

Anyway, I'm counting today as Vinnie OFFICIALLY learning to walk. I'm sure he'll get more steady on his feet over the next week or so!

Congrats baby boy!

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