Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August Update Quickie Style

July 29--Frankie's Birthday in Emporia

"Boots" Mom and Dad's new kitten--rescued from the dump :)
Chic Fil A "Appreciation Day" to support Truett Cathy and his company's right to express its opinion.  We participated gladly! 

Hilary and her girls came over so I could work on sewing up some prefitted diapers for her.  In the time we had, and in between taking care of my boys, I managed to get 2 diapers done for her (bringing her total up to 3) and streamlined the process.

After Hilary and her girls left, Vinnie fell asleep in his high chair.

That night before bed, I took some pictures of his bruises and his mohawk.  (The bruises were the first sign of his severe anemia.)

I'm not sure what I did during the day (I'm sure it involved cleaning) but I met up with Laura in the evening for "Girl's Night".  We met at Mahi Mah's at the oceanfront.  She had her boyfriend with her, another girl, and Leanna and her date...so it was really third wheel night. Oh well...Tim wouldn't have come anyway.  We hung out at that bar long enough to drink one drink and then we went to a local karaoke bar near Lynnhaven.  I'm not a big karaoke fan and I had already had my one drink, so we mostly just made small talk about the crazy singers.  I did get a second drink near the end of the night.  

Vinnie's 1st Birthday Party -See Separate Post

Happy Sixth Anniversary to Tim & I
We went to church.



Happy First Birthday Vincent James! 
We drove to Virginia Beach to get Vinnie's birthday pictures taken.



Busch Gardens with Tim, Mandy, and the boys (in the rain) We got there at a break in the rain & managed to stay dry until about 6:45, then we headed towards the parking lot & realized the Pirate show was starting. Luke hadn't seen it yet, so we decided to duck int here & caught the 7:30 show. :) Then we ate a late dinner in the parking lot & headed home around 8:30.

Emporia--we brought Brianna home with us. 

I had a rough night the night before, because Vinnie was teething.
Chrissy picked Brianna up in the afternoon. 

First Day of Preschool K3 for Luke!


School with Luke in the morning and then Grayson and Spencer in the afternoon.  I managed to get all of the kids to nap at the same time (briefly).

We went to Busch Gardens with Liz and her two boys.  In the evening Carolynn came to spend the night.

Carolynn spent the night again.

Tim ran sound.  Carolynn was still with us for most of the day.

Vinnie had his well baby check up with Dr. Toland.  His iron was low (8) in the office so we were sent for more blood work.  We met up with someone to sell some baby clothes and another person to buy the Fisher Price Great Adventure Castle and accessories.
Then we met up with Tim at CHKD so he could take care of Luke.  Vinnie was a trooper while his blood was drawn, but his iron came back at 9.2, so he was put on a heavy dose of iron.

"Proof that I have the coolest kid ever: Luke watched the episode of Backyardigans where they play ping-pong. Then he asked me to come play "ping-pong" with him. He had set up an overturned laundry basket, a balloon, a "ladle" from his toy-kitchen and a broken piece of breast pump (that he's been using as a "gun") so we could play a game of ping-pong. He is so cool!"



We went to Holly's house for the Homeschooling Toddler's playdate.  We ended up staying until about 1 o'clock.


I made hamburgers in home-made gravy for dinner.  Luke and I made a banana nut cake.  (Which Rosie ate before we got to enjoy.)

I made Vinnie some "rice cereal cookies" with juice.  They weren't very good, but he ate them anyway.  He's such a good baby.
Luke asked for "milkies" while I was catching up on FB. I pulled out my boob & let him nurse, standing in front of me, when he popped off, the milk was still spraying. He's still laughing hysterically! "You bopped me with milkies!!!" (bop is what we say for any kind of "hitting")"

I picked Thomas up from my friend Karen's house, because she wasn't feeling well.  We spent the day taking care of him and cleaning house.  Mom took Luke and Thomas for a car ride to get them to sleep.
Mom came in with Dad and we spent the day getting ready to go to Pennsylvania.

We drove to Pennsylvania.  We left around 11 am and got there around 10:30.  We did stop for a long time so the boys could play.  We also met up with Aunt Ree in LaVale for a buffet dinner.
When we got into bed, Vinnie nursed and then projectile vomited all over me.  We took a shower and then got back into bed around 1 am and then he puked again.  

The mystery shop we were scheduled to do was actually closed so we packed up.  We had breakfast with Aunt Nunny and Uncle Bill and visited for a couple hours before driving to Emporia.  

We spent the day in Emporia.  Tim got off of work (in Quantico) early and drove down to meet us.  We ended up doing yard work with Dad until bed time. 

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