Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update--In Reverse

Tuesday July 31
PAYDAY! The boys and I met up with Jenna (way late) at the park to pick up some slippers I bought from her & then headed to Wal-Mart.  We had lunch at Subway & then got some groceries and things for Vinnie's birthday.
Tim grilled chicken and did some yard work and I got a little bit of sewing for Vinnie done.

Monday July 30- 

Today was a suck-tastic day.  Vinnie is cutting a new tooth.  We started out okay, got up & showered before Tim left for work.  Then I had to start getting ready for my doctor's appointment, which sucked.  Luke was being ornery and didn't want to do anything I asked him to do.  We finally left the house about 5 minutes later than planned and without the iPad (the doctor's office has internet, so they could have watched Netflix).
At the doctor's office, Dr. G looked at the remaining redness & lump in my breast and decided that the mastitis is cured (but I do need to finish the antibiotic) and that the lump may take a LONG time to go away. She said some of it is probably scar tissue or milk collected around the biopsy site.
After the doctor's office we got Subway inside Wal-Mart, grabbed a few groceries and then got the boys' pictures done.
When we left there we ran to Lauren's house to drop off some blocks & then to the pharmacy while the boys napped in the car.
After we got home, Luke woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep.  He managed to shatter a mirror and break a glass. Vinnie was miserable and I was emotionally and physically spent.
We had frozen pizzas for dinner & took a short walk before the rain came, before getting both boys to bed by 8:45.

Sunday July 29-
Happy 20th Birthday Frankie!

I got up at the crack of dawn with Tim & got the kids ready to go to Emporia.  We spent the day out there celebrating Frankie's 20th birthday!

Luke's Radian 80SL car seat broke just as we were leaving town. (A replacement, free of charge, is already on the way!)

Saturday July 28-
Luke's First Bowling Trip

Mandy came over in the afternoon and we worked on the boys' Christmas quilt.

Vinnie learned to CLIMB!

Friday July 27-

Girls' Night Out with Liz, Karen, and Hilary!

Thurs. July 26-
Happy Birthday Karen!

Mall playdate with Hilary

Mom, Carolynn & I went to the gun store & CHKD Thrift shop
Tim had a meeting after work

Wednesday July 25

Cloth diaper Swap at Casey's house!
McClellan's house for the boys' "birthday party"

Tuesday July 24

Ran errands with Thomas--got dinosaurs for Luke, the Cozy Coupe for Luke and some trainers for Luke

I got Vinnie's custom, 100% wool onesie from Zootz Mama washed & dried so the boys could try it on.

Monday July 23

Emergency Appointment with Dr. G after an ultrasound to discover that I had a raging infection of mastitis in the lump/biopsy site

Sunday July 22

Church, Lunch (sandwiches & Cheeseburger in Paradise crab dip) at Tom & Peggy's, grocery shopping with Vinnie and dinner (tacos) at Mandy's

Saturday July 21

Ran errands with Mandy during the day
Couples Night Out at Church--took Vinnie with us to Smokey Bones

Friday July 20

Babysat Thomas and played in the pool (4-7 pm)

Thursday July 19

Vinnie to doctor for fever- still nothing wrong

Wednesday July 18

Tuesday July 17

Vinnie to doctor for fever

Monday July 16

Results appointment at the doctor, my thyroid is clean & had an infection in the breast

Sunday July 15

Saturday July 14

Friday July 13

Thursday July 12
Mom and I got up and ready to go and then drove into town so she could pick up her truck. :)

Wednesday July 11
Happy Birthday Loren
Dad drove in to pick Mom up and get the oil changed in the Highlander and ended up having to leave it at the dealership.  So, we used the van to drive them home.
The boys and I spent the night at Mom & Dad's house.

Tuesday July 10
Thyroid Biopsy
Breast Results out to dinner at Golden Corral

Monday July 9
Breast Biopsy

Sunday July 8
Happy 11 Months Vinnie!

Carolynn's Birthday Party & Women's Bible Study

Saturday July 7 
Happy 5th Birthday Carolynn Rose!

Busch Gardens with Carolynn

Friday July 6
Happy 50th Birthday Peggy!

Pick up car seat & wool at Selena's house, Carolynn dropped off

Thursday July 5

Wednesday July 4
Happy Independence Day! 

Swimming at Mandy's pool, grilled chicken at Mandy's

Tuesday July 3

Sold some diapers to a Mama from Freecycle

Monday July 2

Sunday July 1

Women's Bible Study

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