Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Carolynn Rose!!

First thing in the morning, Carolynn woke up to a streamer covered door.  Being the dainty girl that she is, she climbed THROUGH the streamers instead of busting them down.  Silly girl.

For Carolynn's Fifth Birthday, we took her to Busch Gardens.  Then she spent the night at our house & we took her home for her birthday party!

After riding the log flume, we found refuge in an air conditioned bathroom.

In Oktoberfest they have a new farm theme showed.  Carolynn got to dance the Chicken Dance with the performers!

After dinner we hit Land of the Dragons for some water fun.  Even Vinnie got down and played.

This was the only Land of the Dragons "ride" we got to do, which Tim and I consider to be the most boring ride in the park, but Carolynn, lover of things NOT spinny, declared, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!" When she got off!

We attempted to get to the Pirate 4D show after we shut down Land of the Dragons, but we took too long eating our desserts and missed the entrance time.

Carolynn babbled to herself the entire ride home.

The next morning we met up with all the family at Chrissy's house for her actual birthday party.

 She's come a LONG way, from the tiny baby we snuggled on July 7, 2007.  She's smart and pretty, klutzy and funny.  My boys love her to pieces and I hope they remain life-long friends.

Just Born

About 1 Year Old

About 2 Years Old

About 3 Years Old

About 4 Years Old

Happy Birthday Carolynn Rose!
 Auntie Stevie, Uncle Tim, Luke-Pookey, and Vinnie-Binnie Love you to pieces!!

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