Sunday, May 13, 2012

April 10-30 Sunday Update

Wow, talk about being behind on the blogging! I started this post on April 16 & kept it updated through the 24th...and then never finished or published it.  Time to get that done, since it is now May 13!

April 10 (T)
After Busch Gardens with Betti & Aaron on Monday, we spent Tuesday at home with sick babies.

April 11 (W)
I went grocery shopping during the day.

April 12 (Th)
Vinnie learned to sign milk!! 

April 13 (F)
Aaron, Luke, Vinnie, and I drove to Busch Gardens at nap time & then Tim met us after work.  We hung out in Land of the Dragons the whole time until Tim got there.  Then we ate dinner in the Fest Haus, rode Alpenguist and then rode the train out of the park. :)

April 14 (S)
The boys and I went to a cloth diaper swap from 11-2 and then in the afternoon I went grocery shopping with Vinnie.

April 15 (Su)
-I've got nothing. :(

April 16 (M)
Monday morning we got up & went to the dermatologist.  It was a major waste of time.  The doctor didn't even take Vinnie's clothes off.  She wrote me a prescription (which I still haven't researched) and referred me to an allergist.  The allergist said they would only treat symptoms & don't have any way to find the causes of Vinnie's allergies at his age, so that was a waste of a phone call too.
From there we went to Wal-mart to see Ms. Kim.  She gave me another package of pictures of the kids & visited with the boys.  We tried to go shop but Vinnie woke up, so instead we went ahead & got his 8 month old pictures done.
Then we ate lunch & got some groceries.

April 17 (T)
In the morning we had MOPS. I was actually early and had a good time!
We came home & the boys napped.
In the afternoon we had a new friend over for a play-date in the sprinkler! :)

April 18 (W)
Happy Two & A Half Years Old to Luke!!

Beth came over bright & early and we went to JoAnn's to get some fabric.  From there, she headed to lunch with Peggy while the boys and I ran to Target & then Mandy's house & the pharmacy.
We met back up at the house around 1:15 and Beth helped watch the boys while I got some work done on my secret project. :)
After Beth left it was chaos for a while, as I tried to get the boys settled and fed, and ready for bed.
Betti & Aaron came over around 8 to do a load of laundry & have some dinner.
Tim got home from school after 9 and I took my Vinnie to bed.
Luke was up until 10 pm and Tim actually put him to bed & then he slept until 5 am, nursed & went back to sleep until 8 am!
I wish Vinnie hadn't gotten up at 5:45...

April 19 (Th)
I was up bright & early with a playful Vinnie, so its only 9 am and the main part of the house is clean except for vacuuming. :)

April 20 (Friday)
Busch Gardens with Frankie the pictures are in the post for Saturday April 21.  Mandy met us up there, we rode the Log Flume 5 times! We never made it to Land of the Dragons and did the Sesame Place right before closing.  We did have a good picnic dinner in the parking lot though. :)

April 21 (S)
Strawberry Picking, Took Carolynn to VB, Nap time and Grocery shopping

April 22 (Su)
Happy Earth Day!
-Another Sunday with nothing on the calendar! :(

April 23 (M)
Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad!

April 24 (Tues)
Library Story time
Grocery shopping & JoAnns

April 25 (Weds)
We confirmed that Vinnie's first word is car.  I wrote a post about it! :)

I watched Thor while doing housework & in the evening (when I went out to return Thor to the Redbox) we met up with Karen & Thomas at the fire station playground. :)

April 26 (Thurs.)
We had a big play-date with all of our friends at our house.  Vinnie managed to get exposed to corn (or some other allergen) and ended up being sick with a reaction for the next couple days.
After nap time we played outside. :)

April 27 (F)
I had errands to run all day & was out & about busy as a bee.  We picked Aaron up to sit in the car with the kids while I did some thrift store shopping and we went to the Craddock HS playground & then the fire station playground with Liz & her boys.

April 28 (Sat.)
The boys & I dropped Tim off at the mall to do a study session for his final exams and then went to Bounce House for Lily's 3rd birthday! It was a nice party, but Luke needed a longer nap & was kind of cranky.

After the party we went to the craft store and bought quilting supplies, drove around a bit, and ended up at Tom & Peggy's house to nurse & change diapers.
After Tim finished, we picked him up and got Firehouse Subs for dinner.

April 29 (Sun)
Mandy picked Luke up in the morning and took him to Emporia with her.  He had a great day out there.  I took Vinnie to church & then we all went to Olive Garden for lunch.  After church we came home and got some work done around here.  In the evening we drove to Virginia Beach to pick up the car & then I went and picked Luke up from Mandy's house.

April 30 (Mon)
Pastor Rachel came over for a playdate in the morning.  Luke was having a combination bad day from exposure to soy milk & all the attention he had to himself in Emporia, so he was kind of a butt.  Rachel ended up leaving earlier than planned because he wouldn't share his toys.

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