Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cloth Diaper Stash Update

So, our diaper stash is nearing perfection! :)

Vinnie:  (24 with 7 under repair)

Pockets/AIOs: 20

15 BG 3.0s
(2 Blossom, 1Twilight, 2 Moonbeam, 1 Grasshopper, 1 Ribbit, 4 Butternut, 3 Clementine, 1 White)
Thirsties Duo Diaper Sz 2 Yellow
Thirsties Duo Diaper Sz 2  Trees
Drybees Hybrid Pocket Small Monkeys (FSOT)
Haute Pocket OS Brown (FSOT)
Swaddleebees Pocket OS Blue (FSOT)

Fitteds: 4
4 MamaGoetsch Pocket Fitteds (Stuffed with Prefolds)

Luke:  (27 with 1 under repair)

Pockets/AIOs: 18

4 BG 4.0s
(Ribbit, Lovelace, Mirror, Eiffel Tower)
6 Fuzzibunz Pockets (FSOT)(4 Pointy Tab Mediums: Black, Red, Hunter Green, Bug print) (Medium Square Tab Purple Daisy, OS Square Tab Pink)
5 Bottombumpers AIOs OS
(Pink, Green, Yellow, 2 White)
Blueberry Pocket OS Purple (FSOT)
Starbunz Pocket Medium Bear (FSOT)
Softbums Omni OS Giraffe Print (FSOT)

Fitteds: 9

(Brown Stripes, Zoo, Giraffe, Cars)
Butterfly Baby OS Car Print
SBish Snapless Multi Blue
Soggy Bottom Baby Medium Pink
Soggy Bottom Baby Medium Orange
Soggy Bottom Baby Medium Salmon

Shared: (7 with 12 OTW & 2 under repair)

6 Overnight Alva Baby
(Green, White, Brown, Red, Black, Dark Blue)
 Daytime Alva Baby Spiderman

Under Repair: 10

VELCRO: 6 BG 3.0s (Butternut, Grasshopper, 2 White, 1 Twilight, 1 Moonbeam)
SNAPS: BG 3.0 Clementine

SNAPS: FB OS Lime Square

SNAPS: 2 Alva Baby (Orange, Light Blue)

12 Alva Baby

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