Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Update Part 1

MOPS day! The boys had fun at MOPS.

A friend from the cloth diaper group came over with her twins at 10:30 so I could measure them & sew them up some shorties....but, Luke was being mega-naughty and she ended up having to leave before I even started sewing.

In the morning, we picked up Hilary, Aubrey, and Delaney and met up with Liz & her boys at Chesapeake Square Mall.  We visited the playplace & then walked around Target.  After Target, Beth came to the house and we had lunch & naps and I worked on my sewing.  We ran a few errands and then headed home around supper time.

In the morning the boys and I went to the Babywearer's Meet-Up so I could return Jene's wrap...that I had been "borrowing" for months.
The boys napped in the car on the way home and then in the afternoon we had all of our friends over for a pool party playdate. :)

I volunteered at the Peace.Love.Swap again.  Tim stayed home with Luke & Aaron.  After the swap Vinnie and I went grocery shopping.
I got a couple shirts for Luke, a Leapfrog walking toy for Vinnie (which Luke has dubbed a vacuum & confiscated), a bag of wooden blocks, a bag of multicolored dinosaurs (which have helped Luke learn his colors!), a bag of 50+ Littlest Pet Shop pets, a bag of 10+ "Wheel Pals", and a bag of miscellaneous Spiderman toys.
In the evening Mandy came over with the boys and we were going to have a grilled dinner together, but Spencer bumped his head coming out of the trampoline & had to get stitches.
We also babysat Melanie's kids for the first time in a long time. I think they had fun.  I was putting the boys to bed when they got picked up so I don't know how they enjoyed the end of their night, but they seemed to have fun playing while the kids were all awake. :)

We loaded up the car for our big day & headed to Virginia Beach with Aaron, to watch Mandy run in the Color Me Rad 5K.  That was a fun experience and messy too!
When we left there we swung by the house to get a change of clothes for Luke & Aaron & then dropped Aaron off at his mom's store.
After that we went to the WRONG Broken Egg Bistro before going to the right one for a late lunch with James, Missy, Trevor, and Colton.
From there we went to Busch Gardens to see the Newsboys in concert!
At Busch Gardens we rode the train, the Log Flume, the "scrambled eggs", ate a picnic dinner in the car, and then rode the Skyride and went to the concert.
It was Luke & Vinnie's first concert! :)  The band & worship were awesome!

We took Monday off to recooperate from our busy Sunday!

Tuesday morning I woke up with a bad kink in my neck, shoulder, and back. I was in too much pain to do much.  Mandy did come over for dinner--which Tim grilled. :)

In the morning, Vinnie went in for his 9 month old well-baby visit.  After the appointment we ran a ton of errands, we went to JoAnn's for quilt stuff, to CiCi's for lunch with friends, to Newport News to pick up new diapers, to downtown Portsmouth to drop off diapers, and finally home.  It was rainy and gross out but we got MOST of our errands run. :)

Tim took the morning off of work so I could go see the chiropractor about my neck.  I really liked Dr. Block and had IMMEDIATE relief from the first adjustment.  It was awesome.
I ran home after the adjustment, nursed Vinnie and then headed back to the doctor for my therapy appointment.  I spent an hour getting a great massage and really loosening up the spasmy muscles in my neck, back, and shoulder.  Then I got another adjustment.  By the time I left I felt 100 times better!
I picked up Luke's 2 1/2 year old pictures before heading home so Tim could go to work.

Tim worked from home on Friday so that he could go to the dentist.  It was a normal day, except that after dinner we packed up and drove to Emporia.

We spent the day in Emporia, so Tim & Dad could work on the Buick.  We rode the quad, roasted marshmallows, ate sandwiches for lunch and had a picnic dinner from the grill.  It was a nice, relaxing, stress free day. :)

Happy Mother's Day to Me, Mom, and Peggy! And all my friends!
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