Monday, March 7, 2011

The Game Plan

So, Dr. Morgan called me today.

The plan is to stay on the IV Zofran twice a day, through Friday.

The nurses will come Tuesday to put in a new IV line & then again on Friday, to remove the IV.

Saturday-Wednesday I will take my oral Zofran as usual.  (I don't even need it when I'm on the IV.)

Wednesday at 11:15, I'm going to my doctor's appointment as usual.  I'll be 17 weeks along.

Things can go two ways: 1) I'll be fine on the pills & stay hydrated and be able to eat.  2) I'll end up not being able to eat or drink (as usual) and be sick when I go in.

If its the latter and I'm sick, Dr. Morgan will most likely recommend a PICC line be inserted, so that I can continue to get IV Zofran as long as it is needed.  (as well as fluids, if needed)

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