Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Update!

Time to get a Sunday Update post written, actually on Sunday!

It was a pretty lame week, so I'm just going to go with bullet style updates!

Jan. 10 Monday

Jan. 11 Tuesday

  • 8 Weeks Pregnant!
  • Therapy--Luke ate a few bites of solid banana

Jan. 12 Wednesday

  • Made Luke a "jester" hat
  • Ci Ci's Pizza for dinner--Luke ate chicken & pizza crust

Jan. 13 Thursday

  • Got Fluffy Mail!  An Ooga Booga shorties set for Luke, new buttons for his sweater & music overalls, and 2 newborn Nanipoos from FSOT!
  • Luke and I went out in the evening to Target & Greenbrier Mall

Jan. 14 Friday

  • Luke's doctor appointment--ear infection in his OTHER ear now, new antibiotics
  • Old Navy--Got the baby a Christmas outfit for this year, Luke a Christmas tee (3T!), and a new shirt for Luke
  • Target

Jan. 15 Saturday

  • Tom & Peggy took Luke out & came home with a potty seat
  • Christmas decorations down & in attic
  • Started working on repairing kitchen
  • Luke ate waffle & bacon!

Jan. 16 Sunday

  • Skipped church, since Luke kept me up 1/2 the night
  • Probably going to take Luke to Target today to return a couple shirts & maybe the play-place at one of the malls
Wearing Luke around the house--getting some work done!

Luke rocking out on his Pop Tunes guitar!

Luke's jester hat

Girly Pom Pom Tassle hat for a trade

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Chicke3 said...

Im pretty sure congrats are in order! I'm sure Luke will be a great big brother!