Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Talk about a bad-blogger!

Well, I have so seriously neglected this blog it isn't even funny.

BUT, in neglecting this blog, I've been spending quality time with my son, my husband, crafting, and taking care of my home & family.  So, I'm not really upset by it.

However, I do fully intend for this blog to serve as a reminder of our life & I LOVE blogging, so I'm going to once again try to get it all caught up & then maybe stay on top of things.  How does that sound!

Nov. 22
I had a migraine last night & today.  I was pretty useless until about 3pm.  Luke did have therapy.  He showed Miss Dana how he follows 2 step commands.  "Luke give Miss Dana your ball."  He had to go get the ball & then throw it to her.  It was about the cutest thing ever!  Until, I told him to blow his nose for her & then of course, THAT was the cutest thing ever!

Nov. 21
At dinner last night, (I made lemon pepper chicken & mashed potatoes), Grams said, "I have to blow my nose, sorry."  and then proceeded to do so.  Luke picked up the napkin (he'd been wiping up his mashed potato mess), held it to his nose, and blew raspberries into it, while wiping it across his nose.  Absolutely freaking adorable.  We all had a great time telling him to blow his nose.  I even got some video of that &of him doing his signs.  He knows and uses correctly the signs for more, all done, mom, and milk.

After church and before dinner, we went out to see Harry Potter 7.  It was good.  Luke only slept through about 1 1/2 hours of it, which means that neither of us got to see the end in full, but we took turns and I think it was worth it.

We also went to church at The Gathering UMC yesterday.  I haven't been in a while.  I honestly haven't been "feeling it".  I was pretty upset about the whole "don't breastfeed in church incident" (9/8/10ish) and it has taken me a long time to recover.  Then I was really upset when I realized I've pretty much been cut out of the leadership of the church.  I'm not sure how I'm dealing with that one, but it's life and there's nothing I can do about it.  Obviously what's meant to be is what is going to be.  I am still the liturgist scheduler, and that's taken care of for quite a while.  Tim is still doing a lot for the church (sound tech & on the financial committee) and I'm on the fence about that.  It takes a lot of his "personal" time and he already complains that he doesn't get enough. He enjoys helping out the church and getting to be involved in that area, and really, there's nobody else to do what he's doing, so of course it's fine.  I just have to come to peace with the time he's spending there.

Nov. 20
Tim was in Emporia helping Dad & Frankie build the handicap ramp.

Lucas and I went to Matti's birthday party at the Hunt Club.  It was a nice party.  Luke got to see chickens, pigs, llamas, goats, and sheep.  He played on the slide and watched Matti open his gifts.

After the party we went to Alpha Music to get some stuff for the church.
From there, we picked Tim up (at Regent) and then headed to Tom & Peggy's.  They babysat so that Tim and I could go on our weekly date.  We went to Olive Garden.

Nov. 19

Nov. 18

Nov. 17

Nov. 16
Lucas and I both had doctor's appointments.  Luke went first.  He has a "down there" yeast infection.  It has caused a rash on the insides of his thighs that is red & bumpy.  He also is getting red & dry patches on his penis and his butt that come and go.  He was prescribed Nystatin diaper creme 4x a day for about a month.  He weighed 21 lbs!

My doctor's appointment was to treat thrush.  The midwife who saw me didn't really look at me or anything, I explained the situation and she agreed.  So, I was prescribed Nystation Oral Suspension.  Supposedly I should be using 5 mLs 2 times a day, but that's not happening.  First of all, it's a sticky mess.  About 1/2 a mL covers and coats my nipple area.  And, its sticky.  So I haven't been good at using it.  I have been taking 40 billion units of probiotics 3x a day, which has helped immensely.

Tim had band practice for church.  Luke saw Holly playing her guitar.  The next evening, we caught Luke "strumming" the Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitars!  He is such a smart little boy!  The video evidence isn't great, since when you WANT him to do something, he hams it up & cheeses too hard to actually DO the thing!

Nov. 12-15

Pigeon Forge Tennessee, with Melanie & the kids

I was invited to go on a mystery shop with Melanie.  Luke and I loaded up and drove down there, with pretty much no idea what we were getting into.  All we knew was that we'd get to swim.  So, with that being our only expectation, it was a good trip.  Luke LOVED playing in the baby pool.  Here are lots of pictures and video of him having a blast.

Nov. 11
Tim and I did a mystery shop at a bar, while Tom and Peggy babysat.  It was a good night, late, but fun.

Nov. 10
We received our tie dye custom shirts from Leslie of Joyful Tie Dyes.

Close up of the boo-boo he got at Mom & Dad's.

Unfortunately, the red/green/blue one doesn't match his Woodland Tale longies, but we've decided to keep it anyway.  He'll wear it for his Christmas jammies instead!

He also learned to rock his rocking horse all by himself!

Here he is modeling the bibs I have been making him!

Nov. 9
Luke had a swallowing break through!  He just suddenly started swallowing his foods!  It's great!

While we were at Tom & Peggy's Luke had some fun playing with grocery bags.

Nov. 8
Luke graduated from Physical Therapy with Miss Kerry.

We are extremely happy and glad that we went through CHKD for Luke's torticollis physical therapy.  Without Miss Kerry we are sure Luke would not be walking as well as he is.

Nov. 5-7
We spent the weekend in Emporia helping Mom & Dad build their ramp.

Nov. 3-4

Nov. 2
Election Day!  Dad and I voted!!  Woo-hoo!

Nov. 1

Oct. 31
Luke's 2nd Halloween!!!
We dressed him up as Charlie Brown and headed out for our Trick or Treat fun around 4:00.
Our first stop was Pembroke Mall.  Luke was asleep, briefly, and then had a good time "trick or treating" in the mall.
After the mall, we headed to Food Lion for some groceries.
Our next stop was to Lineberry Road in Virginia Beach.  We visited all of our old neighbors, including Mr. & Mrs. Upton, Mrs. Lipscomb & her daughter Jeanie, Mrs. Taylor, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
When we were done there we headed over to Tim's neighborhood and visited with Mr. Witt.  We tried to see the Loggins family but they weren't home.  We took Luke to a couple of Tom & Peggy's friends' homes and then back to their house.  We had a mega-late dinner and headed home after 10 pm.
My camera was stuck in Emporia so we didn't get ANY pictures ourselves!

Oct. 26-30
Luke & I stayed at Mom & Dad's to help with unpacking & organizing the garage.  Tim drove up on Friday after work.  Saturday morning we got a few more things done & then headed back to Chesapeake for lunch with James & Missy at CiCi's

Luke snuggling his Pap

While we were staying at Mom & Dad's house, Luke played "car" with the handle of their dining room cabinet.  It was pretty cute, but the video doesn't do it justice.  Either way, he's a cute kid & I never get tired of watching his videos!

Oct. 25

Oct. 21-24
Carolynn hung out with us
On Sunday, we drove out to Mom & Dad's to help with unloading the truck!

Luke's first experience with (dairy, egg, soy, gluten, & nut free) spaghetti!  He didn't eat any, but he thoroughly enjoyed playing with it.  In all honesty though, these pictures were taken after we'd gotten him & his high chair all cleaned up!  Miss Dana (his OT) realized it was a picture worthy moment, so we gave him another scoop & let him have at it to get a few pictures!

My beautiful niece.

Carolynn going for a ride with her crazy driving cousin!

Get out of my car!

Argh! Taz is eating me!

Babywearing at the Mac!  That's manly!

Caro sleeping in a cut-off 3T hand-me-down sleeper.  It worked.  I'll add length & sleeves when Luke starts fitting into 3T stuff so that he can wear them as jammies (depending on the season--I might just finish them as shortalls).  

Oct. 20
Dinner at the Geisha to celebrate Mom & Dad closing on their house, Carolynn came home with us

Oct. 19

Oct. 16-18
Luke's birthday celebrations, see separate post

Oct. 15
Crazy busy day trying to get ready for Luke's birthday party.  LaToya & Matti came over in the evening to help us get a lot of stuff done, they are awesome & we are forever grateful!

Oct. 10-15

Oct. 9
Pumpkin Patch with the whole family!

Oct. 5-8
I've got nothing.

Some of my recent sewing projects:

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