Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Haircut

So, my kid has crazy hair.

And he always has.  Here he is at about a week old.  He had CRAZY long hair in the back & was pretty much bald everywhere.  (I'm so glad I took this picture!)

Here he is at a month old & you can see that he is pretty much bald.  He didn't even have eye brows!

Here he is at about three months.  It's kind of a bad picture, but you can see that he BARELY had any peach fuzz on his head.  

Fast forward to 6 months old & he has a TINY patch of hair on top.  Around this time, he has 4-6 strands of mega long hair & the rest was pretty short/flat.  We'd just comb those crazy hairs down.  Anyway, I loved those crazy hairs & refused to cut them off!  Eventually it all evened out & he looked perfect!

Check out all the hair Luke had grown by 9 months old!  He was finally starting to look like a little boy, his hair needed combed after EVERY bath, and it was just perfect when brushed forward!  

And, over the last few months the boy's hair has just started to GROW!  Here he is on his birthday in the tub. It's wet, so that's how long it was combed forward.

 Here are a few pictures of Luke this weekend (13 months).  This is pretty much what his hair looks like unless I wet it & comb it down several times a day.
There is no wind.  It just sticks up like that. 

Here it is from the back.  You can see in a turtle-neck that it touches his collar.  It 'grazes' his collar in a regular shirt.  

I personally think it's cute.  Endearing.  He's one for crying out loud.  I'm still holding out hope that he'll get a few baby curls in the back.  (It was curling a bit after his bath yesterday.)  

It doesn't help that he plays with his hair while he's, there's no point in combing it before nursing him.  

Anyway, I am NOT ready to cut his hair.  I want him to continue to look like a baby a while longer.  

We are not going to wait "until X date" and then do it, either.  When I feel like he NEEDS a hair cut (I won't let it grow to his shoulders!) we'll get him one, by a professional, in a salon.

This is fair warning that if ANYONE goes near my child's head, with scissors, you will lose your rights to seeing him.  Just so you know.  Mmm'kay?  

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