Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lucas Wayne's First Birthday

My Baby Boy turned ONE!  Here are the pictures I took of him on his actual birthday!

Playing with one of his new toys.  I think its a tie between this & the drum for what his favorite gifts are!

Who can resist a sleeping baby?

Taking a walk in his wagon from Grams.


 Oct. 16, 2010 First Birthday Party
@ Courthouse Community United Methodist Church's Family Life Center

Our Godson, Trevor

High chair banner--made by Mama

Cupcake (everything free!)

Checking out Uncle Loren

Checking out Dale's beard

With Granny, Grandad, and Auntie Beth

After the party we went to CiCi's for dinner!

The dessert table spread, with the cake & cupcakes made by Mama.

Luke's Cupcake

The distraction cupcakes! (for the big kids, so they wouldn't blow out Luke's)

My favorite shot of the whole party!

Gia playing "Pin the bow on the package"

Nursing before the party

Napkins & Silverware

Kids' play area & banner

All the tables

All the food!

Lily walking

Pap & Luke playing with the punch ball

Goetsch family socializing

Ashley playing the game

Bennett & Rachel

Grams telling Bri something

Not too sure about cake

Trevor liked it!

So did Ashley

Brianna & Aunt Dolly

Jenna and Athena (my milk baby) with Luke

Loren, Heather, and Heather's Grams with Luke

Tabitha & Lily with Luke

Rachel with Luke

Diana, Luke, and I

Katie & Luke

Pap & Luke

Pap, Grams, and Luke

Auntie Mandy & Luke

LaToya, Matti, and Luke

John, Brianna, & Ashley with Luke

I hope you enjoyed this picture presentation of Luke's party.  I meant to do so much more "bloggy stuff" for his birthday, but just didn't have the time.  If you have ANY questions about how we did anything, costs, or tips for your own parties, feel free to ask in the comments!

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