Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday Update

Sunday Sept. 27

We ended up skipping church because we worked WAY too hard on Saturday. We should have gotten stuff done but we didn’t. Instead it was 5:00 before we made it to Tom and Peggy’s house for Cousin Amy & me to have our shared birthday party. Only, Loren & Beth had a ton of their friends over, so it was pretty awkward. Peggy & Tom gave me $20. We didn’t leave there until late.

Monday Sept. 28

I can’t remember anything. The only thing on my calendar is childbirth class @ 7:00.

Tuesday Sept. 29

I subbed at Northside Middle School again on Tuesday. This time it went really well.

Wednesday Sept. 30

I was off on Wednesday. I had errands to run and I got a lot done. I took Carolynn to meet the new babysitter. Her name is Mrs. Jen. Caro really seemed to like her. Chrissy went to the social services office to apply for assistance. I had a 2:00 appointment to get my car inspected and my oil changed. I had the courtesy shuttle take me home. When Tim got home we went to pick up my car. I can’t remember much else.

Thursday Oct. 1

Subbing at Ingleside for Ms. Walters

Friday Oct. 2

Subbing at Ingleside for Ms. Walters & then I had the boys after school & took a nap. Tim and I didn’t accomplish anything.  Mandy came by & got the boys. 

Saturday Oct. 3

We didn’t get anything done on Saturday morning (*wink*)…Tim ended up heading to the bank & Wal-Mart. I went out to lunch w/ Melanie for a mystery shop and we had a great time! Lots of birth/baby talk because we could talk freely w/ no littles around! After lunch we went to Toys R Us and then back to Melanie’s. When I left there I went to Rock a Bye Baby and got a swaddle me blanket, a boppy cover, and some valves for sippy cups. We are still a couple Playtex valves short so I’ll be on the lookout for those for a while.

Sunday Oct. 4

We spent all day Sunday cleaning the house. Tim worked on the garage. I worked on the inside of the house. Loren came over and helped w/ a little bit of both. We got a LOT done & we were all exhausted by supper time at 7:00. I had a huge to-do list to tackle & got most of it done. The house looks amazing!

Monday Oct. 5

Today started out w/ getting up early and heading to the Nansemond Pediatrics office to meet Dr. M who will be Luke’s doctor. We like her & are happy with her answers to our questions.

Then we headed home for a little while to do some housework.

Around 10:15, we headed to MY Dr. M’s office for my ultrasound. I already posted the update about that.

After the doctor’s appointment we went to Chic Fil A.

When we got home, Tim headed to the grocery store & I worked on the housework & unpacking my Halloween stuff.

Tim dropped off the groceries & then went to the post office. I continued working on the house. When he got back he got to work on scrubbing the walls & mopping the kitchen. I kept cleaning.

Around 5:15, we left for our hospital tour. It went well.

Afterwards we went to Tom and Peggy’s to pick up my car. Then we headed home.

I made grilled cheese & soup for dinner. Then I did the dishes. Tim finished scrubbing the walls in the hall.

Now, we’re heading to bed.

Sorry for the SUPER abbreviated notes...I have no energy & can't remember everything that happened!

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