Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Needs & Wants

Here's our MAJOR updated to-do/buy list for preparing for Baby Luke.

We still need to BUY:

nursing stool (25)
cradle mattress ($52 from http://www.pearlekids.com/Custom-Mat...inets-8266.asp)
Spray lanolin
changing table cover
new trash can to use as diaper pail
2 King size pillow cases (to use as sheets in cradle)
breast friend pillow (45)
seat back protectors (10)
breathable bumper (29)
nursing tops & bras
Wet bag for diaper bag
Pail liner

We still need to DO:
General Cleaning:
Filing & sorting through piles of papers
Boxes in living room
Halloween decorations
Dust t.v.
Scrub up used baby toys
Scrub our bathtub
Mop bathrooms
Clean behind the microwave
Scrub window sills
Wash car inside & out
Bathe dogs
Clean carpets
Actually organize garage

Nursery Preparation:
Paint red stripe
Hang shelves
Paint wall letters
Clean out top of Luke’s closet

Pack hospital bags
Order cradle mattress
Write birth plan
Finish Thank You cards
Scrapbook w/ Mandy

We still want:
breast pump
diaper bag (ju ju be be prepared) (180)
baby signs (40)
bath tub spout cover (15)
closet organizers (25 each)
jumperoo bouncy toy (90)
Bumbo (supposed to be getting one from a friend)

a crib mattress $36 @ Wal-Mart!!!
cradle bedding--mom bought the stuff to make the bumper
nursing pads from JoAnna (15)
Snappis--they're here!
changing table pad--yay--a late baby shower present!
crib & dresser are assembled!

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