Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Me

Wow, I've been a busy little bee lately...way too busy to blog.  I'll entertain you with today's to-do list for now & then hopefully have time to blog/update later.  I'll definitely have an update for you in the next couple days about our appointments tomorrow.  (8:30-meet the pediatrician, 11:00 ultrasound, 6:00 hospital tour)

To Do:
lots of laundry
decorate for Halloween
mop bathrooms/kitchen
scrub our bath tub
scrub walls in hall
paint stripe
paint Luke's wall letters
pack up scrapbooking stuff to go to Mandy's
clean giant mess in living room
clean kitchen
clean out Luke's closet & get his room 100% done
pack hospital bags
wash some of the preemie/newborn clothes

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