Saturday, August 23, 2008

The office!

Now I can post pictures of my little crafter's area in the office.

It only took me all summer to get this done, (and technically it's still not 100% b/c Tim needs to take care of those boxes!) but now I can work!

So, in this picture you can see my Sizzex machine set up on the right, my paper cutter, the green pencil boxes have my rubber stamps in them, the white bucket in the middle of the table is all of my 8 x 11" paper & the trays next to it hold my 12 x 12" paper & my works-in-progress. Next to that I have some baskets with gift cards I'm saving, a basket of peeled crayons waiting to be turned into recycled crayons, a box full of misc. stickers, my paint bucket, and a ziploc bag of ribbon.

In this picture you can see the view into the closet, that is where all of my sewing stuff is stashed. There is a crate in there (the pink one), that has a bunch of 1/2 done or just started projects in it. I am hoping to start working my way through them.

Now for some close ups.

-That's All Folks!

1 comment:

Smellyann said...

Looks createable! I want to get in there and start working!

I'm working on mine right now. :D