Saturday, August 30, 2008


I want a baby. Like today.

Just wanted to make sure you know that.

So, I slept until 12:30 today. Then Tim & I wasted another 2 hours playing on the computer & snacking on what little food we had in the house.

Around 2:30 we started getting ready to go, after tossing 90% of our plans for the day.

We loaded up Rosie & a whole crappola of baby stuff & headed to Cheeseburger in Paradise, to pick up Grayson (21 months) and baby Spencer (6 weeks on Monday). Then we zip, zip, zipped over to PetSmart to drop off Tim & Rosie for her shot appointment. Then I raced over to Chrissy's house & picked up Brianna. I took her to Sports Authority, but their JanSport back packs were $40 so we headed to Target instead. Yay Target! They had Trans by JanSport backpacks for $9! I got all of her school supplies (minus what I brought home from school for her) & a few extras for $43. Then I headed back to Chrissy's & dropped Bri off. After that I went to Tom & Peggy's where we hung out for about an hour. Around 7:30, we headed home. We grabbed Hardee's for supper & juggled babies while we tried to eat. Tim took a lot of initiative and spent a lot of time holding Spencer. I bathed Grayson first & tried to get him to sleep, all the while Tim was taking care of Spencer. Then Tim asked for a break, so I passed Grayson (who was about 40% of the way asleep) off to Tim & went in the back to bathe Spencer & get him ready for bed. When I came back out, Grayson was sound asleep on Tim's lap. Too freaking adorable. I had Tim lay him down & then hold Spenc while I fixed ANOTHER bottle of breastmilk. (I think we're on #5 tonight & there is 3 oz. in each one.) Then we laid down on the couch (to finish watching America's Sweethearts) while I fed Spencer & got him to sleep. I just laid him down & now have two sleeping babies. Tim is playing Gameboy.

I love babies. I love, love, love them. Even difficult, fussy ones!

A newborn in cloth diapers is FREAKING adorable! My camera is MIA or there would TOTALLy be pictures on this post. I only have 3 newborn I had to put a couple smalls on him (which he swam in) but he is SO cute! I can't wait to cloth diaper a newborn! I am definitely going to invest in Preemie sized prefolds when I have a baby, because Spencer is pretty big & the ONE that I had fit him pretty well. An infant sized prefold is WAY too huge for him.

Anyway, I'm smitten. I hope that Mandy works it out so that I can babysit them every other weekend. That will make me so happy. (and may even convince me to hold off on fertility treatment)


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Smellyann said...

I like the cards. What did you print that stuff out on, your computer? And stuck it on? Kewl.

Uh, Tim looks better with longer hair.

Glad your classroom is done! It was fun coming to visit.

I want a newborn, too! Wahhhhhh.