Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunday Update 2012 into 2013

So, I think between the last couple posts I've pretty much updated for December.

We spent the 26th and 27th out at Mom & Dad's house.  The 26th was a pretty laid back day.  We did run into town for some groceries but mostly we just rested and relaxed.

On the 27th we all started to feel sick and by dinner we all had low temperatures.  We decided to quickly pack up and head home.  By the time we got on the road I was in full-blown flu mode.

We stopped at the Patient First to find out I had the flu, bronchitis, and an ear infection.

On Friday the 28th we took both boys to see Dr. T and find out that they both had the flu as well.  They actually tested positive for it.  We opted not to use any medicine to help them get over it, since the tamiflu has some negative side effects in babies.

Then we went to Patient First for Tim to get his medicines.  Bronchitis and the flu for him.  The boys and I rested in the van and got some groceries at the nearby Farm Fresh.

Saturday the 29th I went downhill and got very dehydrated.  By 3:30 I had made the decision to go to the ER and so Peggy came and took me in.  I was severely dehydrated but they fixed me right up with a heavy sedating pain medicine, a regular pain medicine, zofran in the IV, and a bag of IV fluids.

After leaving the ER, Peggy and I went to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries and then to Lawrence to get my prescriptions.

Sunday (the 30th) we all skipped church and laid around the house.  Tom and Peggy came over around nap time to help out with the boys so we could all get a nap.

 Monday (the 31st) I took Vinnie back to the doctor, I thought he was dehydrated, but Dr. T said he was okay.  So we toughed it out at home.  We had home-made pizza and then donuts.  We also had ice cream cones!  Our entire little family was asleep by 11.

On Tuesday January 1, we all relaxed at home and played together.

On Wednesday Jan. 2, Tim worked from home & I went grocery shopping by myself in the afternoon.  Then we went to MacArthur to get one of Tim's text books and have dinner from the food court.

Thursday the 3rd brought another feeling really sick day to the house and Tim decided to work from home for the rest of the week.

Friday the 4th was Tom's fifty-first birthday and we spent it at home.

Today was the 5th.  Luke and Tim are pretty much over the flu, Vinnie's temperature finally went away today but he still has a pretty miserable cough.  I've still got the cough and the tired-ness that comes from being Mommy to a sick family.

Tim and Luke went to Wal-Mart and the MacArthur mall today to get another text book. While they were gone, I nursed Vinnie a bunch, played with him, and worked on the blog.  I feel good that I am caught up!

PS. My October/November "Sunday" Update post is a continued work-in-progress and will eventually just randomly publish as being posted Nov. 30. :) More for my own documenting than anything. :)

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