Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

As is usual for our family, we had a multi-part Christmas celebration, starting on Friday December 21.  

On Friday, the boys' package from Auntie Laura (in PA) arrived & of course we let them rip right into it! 

Luke was so sweet and LOVED all of the cool Steeler's gear she sent for him.  These are genuine smiles on his face!  

Vinnie got a couple Steeler's things a cool Batman t-shirt to wear over his woolies.

Both boys got a set of Then & Now Monster Trucks.  They don't have any other Monster Truck Hot Wheels and these are definite favorites!  Vinnie quickly said, MINE! and refused to open any more presents!

On Saturday the 22nd, the boys got to try on their new Steeler's wear as we headed out to Mom and Dad's house for the traditional Covato Family Christmas Eve.

Both boys were obsessed with Mom's village set-up and enjoyed playing with all of their cousins.  

There were plenty of gifts under the tree for everybody.
Amanda gave me the three wise men for Christmas and Mom & Dad gave me the ox & goat as well as the frame & mat for my 10x30 picture of Lucas and I.

Tim got a pair of pajama pants and a computer text book from Mom and Dad.  Chrissy gave Lucas a coloring book, me a Mary Engelbreit wall-hanging, and Tim a financial book.  Mandy gave the boys their quilt.  Mom and Dad gave Luke a pirate ship and a five pack of Batman cars!  They gave Vinnie a Little People helicopter and a Wheelies set!

Sunday was an uneventful day.

On Monday we got housework done, I went out to Mandy's to pick-up Lucas' gift that got left there & we headed to Virginia Beach by way of Sonic, McDonald's, and Ming's.  Tim went to church and then met us at Ming's.

After we ate a quick dinner, we headed over to Tom & Peggy's house to exchange gifts with them.

Vinnie got his hand-me-down motorcycle and a $30 gift card.  Luke got a pair of Spider-man roller skates and a helmet with knee and elbow pads.  The skates are too small and the helmet is too large, so we will hopefully be able to exchange them for some things he can use.  I got a food serving tray and Tim got a coffee mug and we got $100 to spend on ourselves.  Tim used it to buy another computer text book and the new receiver for his phone in the car.  I bought two books with $10 of it and plan on getting the replacement parts for Luke's trampoline and maybe another book.

Then, Tuesday of course, Santa came to our house!

The boys came out into the living room & the first thing they saw was the Shake Shake Bridge Trackmaster train set up on their train table.  It was a hand-me-down gift from Grayson & Spencer and both boys loved it!

Luke had a funny reaction to the loot under the Christmas tree!  He got MAD at all the things there! I think he was quite overwhelmed and the unwrapped gifts threw him off.

My Diaperswappers secret sister sent me a pair of superwash wool knit socks!

The boys got a second pirate ship and several Imaginext dinosaurs!

Luke literally jumped for joy over new Spider-Man pajamas!

He got a Spider-Man figure and tried to have it fight one of the dinosaurs while still in the package!

The boys got a Joker's Fun house and lots of new Imaginext action figures!

Luke got an ABC cookie game.

Vinnie's stocking was stuffed with Wheelies cars and other goodies!

The boys also got about 80 wee-waffle blocks, which "Santa" built into a fort for them!

I made Vinnie this die/cube to go with a set of Discovery Kids Toys cards I had gotten at a Peace.Love.Swap event.  The boys both enjoyed playing that game when we tried it out on Jan. 3.

Luke got a set of green army guys.

The boys and Daddy played castles/fighters/ships for several hours!

I love that there is a cannon ball in this picture!

Pile O Dinos

Vinnie got this awesome Wheelies track!

In the morning, Peggy and Beth came by to visit the boys and check out their loot.  In the afternoon we drove to Emporia.

We had Christmas dinner with Mom, Dad, and Frankie.  By the 27th our entire little family had caught the flu so we headed home after dinner and made a stop for me at Patient First.

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