Friday, February 10, 2012

Vinnie's 6 month check-up, Calendar, and Update!

Feb. 7 Tuesday
We had MOPS for the first time in a while this day.  We weren't going to go, because Luke woke up with a runny nose, but then Liz said all the kids have runny noses so, to go ahead and come.  So we did.  I stopped at the pharmacy and got Luke some medicine and then we went to Dunkin Donuts for some donut holes to share and McDonald's for some breakfast.
MOPS went well and Luke had a good time.  Afterwards we must have done something but I didn't write it down, so its history!

Feb. 8 Wednesday
Both boys were up a lot during the night & woke up cranky.  I posted on FB that I'd love a helper around the house & my friend Casey offered to let Luke come to her house, runny nose & all.
So, I got Luke lunch early and down for a nap by 11 am and then got ready to go to her house.
On our way out the door a stray dog that looked similar to our neighbor's dog came up to me.  I got him trapped in the cage in the back yard & headed out.
Luke ran right into Casey's house & started I didn't feel bad leaving at all.
I went first to Vinnie's 6 month check-up.  He came in at the 10-25% for all of the areas and was otherwise fine.  He weighed around 16 lbs (I honestly didn't catch his height or weight!)
After the doctor's appointment we went to PetSmart & got dog food.  Then we went to the eye doctor to pay for my glasses.
From there we headed to Wal-Mart to get some groceries & have Vinnie's pictures done! They turned out AWESOME!
After the pictures we went back and picked up my glasses.  Then we got lost and drove around for almost an hour, before finally finding our way back to the babysitter's house.
I finally picked Luke up around 5:20 and we headed home.
The evening sucked. We didn't get to go to church and both boys were cranky and wouldn't sleep.

Feb. 9 Thursday
Happy 11th Birthday Ashley Nicole!!
In the morning we got up and put together my new vacuum parts.  I worked on housework until it was time to get ready to go to the fire station...but then Luke started being a butt and refused to get ready to go!
 We ended up missing the entire presentation and all, but still getting to the fire station in time to see the trucks.  Luke didn't want anything to do with climbing in the truck though. :(

After the fire station, I ran home to grab some diapers & make Luke a sandwich and then headed to MacArthur Center with my friend Karen.  Luke fell asleep on the car ride there, so we sat in the car while he napped and she shopped.  When he finally woke up, we went inside to the play place and had a good visit with Karen & Thomas.  After they left we hung around for a little while, until Luke started being whiney.
We walked around the mall a little bit, looking to see if they had any shops that might have something I could wear for my boudoir photos with no luck.
By the time we got home I knew I was starting to get sick.  Mandy came over and brought colored bubbles and some Nerf dart guns.  We let Luke play in the bathtub with the bubbles for a long time and then Tim got home.  We made dinner and all ate together before Mandy left around 7.
Then it was baths and bedtime for the boys and Luke went to bed with Tim. (he didn't nurse at all, all day!!)
By the time I went to bed I was miserable and having a hard time breathing.

Friday Feb. 10
I woke up today sick as a dog.  Both boys also have the fun cold I have.  We cancelled our plans to attend the Babywearer's meet-up and have a play date with Selena and opted for a day in our jammies.  Around 11 I decided to go ahead and get checked for strep, but after an hour at Patient First, we confirmed I only have a cold. (I didn't have them look at the boys, since its just a cold.)
Both boys fell asleep on the way home, but only Luke stayed asleep.
Mandy came over and helped out with the two of them so I could eat lunch and then nurse them separately.  She just left at 3:00 and I'm counting down until Tim gets home and I can take a nap.

I'm a busy girl! If you want on my calendar you better say so! :)

Feb.11 Chesapeake Sq. Mall Valentines Event 12-2
Feb. 12 Hanging with Mandy & the boys
Feb. 13 Peace.Love.Swap at Kangaroo Jack's 9:30-1:00, Luke check-up 2:30
Feb. 14 Cloth diaper swap (bring craft)
Feb. 15 Valentine's party 10-1, Valentine's Day pictures 4:00, Church 6:45
Feb. 16 MOPS playdate @ Ches. Sq. Mall 10
Feb. 17 Valerie & crew coming over 10-1
Feb. 18
Feb. 19 Church & lunch with the Johnsons
Feb. 20
Feb. 21 MOPS (or dentist if I don't reschedule)
Feb. 22 4:30-5 Thomas the Train Storytime, Church 6:45
Feb. 23
Feb. 24 9:45 Dr. Morgan check-up
Feb. 25 Happy Birthday Leslie!! 
Feb. 26 Church & out to lunch with James & Missy
Feb. 27
Feb. 28
Feb. 29 Luke & Vinnie surgery (ear tubes, adenoid removal, tongue tie release)

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