Sunday, October 23, 2011

Children's Museum--in Pictures

September 24, 2011
Free Museum Day courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute.  It was a nasty rainy day but I ventured out with the three little ones and met Mandy & Frankie at the Children's Museum of Portsmouth.  

All together it was a very good day!

My view of Luke for most of the day.  From behind, chasing after him!


This train set up had a button to push to make the train go.  Luke LOVED it.  He ran around & around & around the table over & over again chasing that train! I got some video of it too!

More trains.

Checking out the fire truck.  Luke was actually terrified of the display & didn't go much farther than that!  
Which is funny, because yesterday (10/22) we went to the fire station up the road and he was totally fearless.  

Checking out the soapbox derby cars.

Oh hi Mom.

Mandy, Frankie, and the kids trying to make a huge bubble.

Frankie figured out you needed less people to get the bubble higher....Carolynn wasn't much phased by being surrounded by the bubble.

This is how Luke "blows" bubbles.  

And we ended with some playtime in the kiddie area. 

So our overall goal in going to the free day (super-mega-crowded) was to decide if we wanted to get a membership.  We decided the train room alone makes it totally worth it for us....especially since it is literally 15 minutes from home.  Our new double stroller will come in super handy at the museum!

Luke enjoyed playing on the Thomas tables they have set up & just exploring the entire place. 

The art exhibit is a bit over his head & the circus themed exhibit area was much too loud & overwhelming for him, so there is plenty for him to grow into.  I think we'll have plenty of visits JUST to see the trains!

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