Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Favorite Toys by Age: Luke

Another blog that I read mentioned making a list of "favorite" toys by ages for her kids to help others with toy selection & gift buying.  I thought it was a great idea for those reasons, but then also just to have that momento, to remember what my boys were "into" at different ages/stages of their lives.

Now, remembering back to Luke's infancy will be difficult for me, but hopefully keeping track of it from the get-go for Vincent will make his list a little more complete!

This post is a work-in-progress,  but I'm going to go ahead & publish it anyway!

Newborn-One Month
Talking to Mom & Dad--Luke was a BIG talker

2 Months
Taking a bath!

This Bright Starts barbell rattle!  I haven't met a baby yet who doesn't like it!

3 Months
Spinning rattles--these ones.  We suction cupped them to his high chair tray.

6 Months

8 Months

10 Months

One Year

14 Months

16 Months

18 Months

20  Months

22 Months 
Cars!  Cars dominate Luke's life right now.  He recently got some Hot Wheels/Matchbox type cars and he can pretty much always be seen with one in his hand.  He loves having a "table" to drive them on,but is just as happy driving them on his lap or flying them through the air.  

He also loves trains & driving on the "tracks".  He has all of the Little Engineers from Thomas & then has a handful of "real" trains.

2 Years

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