Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Update

Sat. 8/20
Tom, Peggy, and Beth ended up staying for a long visit and having dinner with us.

Peggy & I went to Babies R Us and she bought both of the boys some things.  Vince got 2 3 piece outfits & Luke got an outfit & 2 pairs of pjs.

Sun. 8/21

We woke up late & attempted to get ready to go to church at The Gathering, but that wasn't going to happen, so we went to Courthouse instead.  It was a nice visit & I really enjoyed it.

When we got home, Tim took a nap in the rocking chair until time for his class and I took care of the boys.

In the evening Mom & I took the boys to A.C. Moore's midnight madness sale & then to Kohl's.

Mon. 8/22
My follow up appointment.  I've lost 16 lbs.  I had a popped and bleeding stitch.  Basically Dr. M said, be careful not to pop anymore, we discussed birth control, and that was that.  I go back when I'm 6 weeks post-partum.

Tuesday 8/23

Dad came in for a doctor's appointment.  Before his appointment though, he gave Vincent his "Pap Bath".

Mom took Luke to see Winnie the Pooh at Cinema Cafe, but it was sold out when they got there, so instead they went to see Cars 2.  Luke ended up falling asleep mid-way through the movie, so they came home for nap time, but all in all, it was a good trip.  (Luke & Grandmom got to spend some good quality time together.)

Tim also had his first night of classes at TCC.

Weds. 8/24
Mom had her doctor's appointments and then left for Emporia.  It was our first partial day by ourselves.

We had a little impromptu photo shoot out back.

Thurs. 8/25
Tim got off early because the computers were being shut down.

I cant remember what we did or didnt do...I'm pretty sure we were in survival mode until Tim got home.

Fri. 8/26
Tim was off for the hurricane and so we decided to go ahead & head out to Emporia.  We ended up not getting there until about 9:45 at night!

Sat. 8/27
Hurricane Irene raged outside & we all stayed cool, dry, and well fed at Mom & Dad's.  Got to love generator power that powers the entire house!

The kids all played well together and the so did the adults!

Sun. 8/28
The storm moved out overnight and the sun was shining.  The kids, Tim, Mandy, and Frankie all helped Dad clean up the yard.  Then Mandy & the boys left.

We hung out and were happy to get word that Tim didn't have to work on Monday, since our house still didn't have power.

Uncle Dave arrived in the afternoon, so we had a nice visit with him.

Mon. 8/29
We got up to a home cooked breakfast (sausage, bacon, scrambled or fried eggs, toast, milk gravy, and pancakes!)

Then we took the kids outside to play.  We got word that our power was back on, so before lunch we started loading up.

We headed home around 2:15.

Tues. 8/30
Dad's surgery, up early to take him to the appointment.  Went to Lynnhaven Mall playplace.  Picked Dad up & brought him home.

Mandy came & helped me get him in the house.  He spent the night.

Weds. 8/31

Dad played with Luke in between naps and I did housework.

Mom came in the evening to pick Dad up.  Tim took care of Luke while Vince & I napped for a bit in the late evening.

Thurs. 9/1

Mom came for a surprise visit so I could nap.  Heavenly.

(Vince has just about outgrown the NB Lil Joeys. :(  So, I'm working on selling off too small diapers to buy some new ones that fit!)

When Tim got home we went to the pharmacy & Target.

And, Vince plays with toys now!!  I've been laying him in his cradle with this toy & he's been batting his hands at the dangly things & looking at his face in the mirror.

Started thrush treatment (gentian violet) in Vince.

Fri. 9/2
Started thrush treatment for Luke & I.

Went & met Heather & dropped off fabric.  Lunch at KFC.  Went to Ingleside to visit.  Went to Tom & Peggy's house.

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