Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vincent James 11 Day Old Check-Up

So, eventually I'll get Vince's first few days typed up & onto the blog, but rather than fall behind as I wait on time to do that, I figured I'll update on the recent events!

Super Quick Recap:

Mon. 8-Water broke at 4 am, Birthday @ 7:32, Family visited throughout the day
Tuesday. 9-Hospital-Vince had his first bath, assisted by Peggy & Beth, Chrissy visited, Luke got sick so Tim stayed home with him :(
Wed.10- Discharged from hospital, Rachel brought spaghetti, Engorged
Thurs. 11-Still engorged
Friday. 12-Vince & Luke go to doctor, Luke has strep, Vince weighed 5 lbs 12 oz.
Sat. 13-Still engorged, Mom & Mandy took Luke to Emporia
Sun. 14- Still engorged but almost gone!  Tim managed to get a nap in...we're almost caught up on sleep! The Johnson family brought dinner.
Mon. 15-1 Week Old! Tim went back to work
Tues. 16-  Tim got off early for the boys' photo shoot with Cocoa Bean Photography, then went to Golden Corral for dinner
Weds. 17-Vince was still exhausted from his photo shoot & ran a slight temperature (around 99.8, which the doc said was okay)
Thurs. 18- Mom took Luke to story time at the library, I gave Vince his third sponge bath after he had a blow-out in a disposable diaper

Friday Aug. 19 was my scheduled c-section date, but since Vince was already here, that obviously wasn't happening.

Instead it was Vince's "1 week" check-up.

Mom slept in &  I took care of the boys and some of the laundry/housework by myself.  We aimed to leave at 12:15 and managed to get out of the house by 12:30!

We got to the doctor's office in 15 minutes and I waited until the "re-opened" at 1:00.

They are super awesome there and we got in & out quickly.  Vince still measured 19", so we're pretty sure that the hospital was wrong.  He weighed in at 6 1/2 lbs!  He gained 3/4 of a lb in one week's time, which is really awesome!!

He also didn't need any shots or any more Vitamin K and doesn't show any signs of jaundice!!   Things are SO different this time around!!

Since he is gaining well and looked good we are set to go until his 2 month check-up without being seen again.  How totally awesome is that!?!  She did cauterize his umbilicus since it was a little green from where the stump came off that morning.

While I was at the doctor's, Mom got herself lunch (we had already fed Luke) and drove around so Luke could nap.

When they picked me up, we went to Chic Fil A and I got some lunch and then we went to Wal-Mart.  Mom took Luke to Garden Ridge with her and I did the shopping with Vince in the Moby wrap. :)

I didn't think about the weight of the shopping cart though, and so by the end of the shopping trip I was hurting and I am still hurting today.

After grocery shopping, we headed home and Frankie took care of carrying in the groceries.

Mom and Frankie headed out to Mandy's work (Grayson & Spencer were asleep in the car) and I was home alone with the boys for a couple hours.

Vince needed attention right away, so the groceries had to wait, and fortunately Luke was entertained by "Cars".

When Tim got home, I was just finishing up with putting away the groceries.

We had a relaxed evening and Tim & Luke picked up a pizza for dinner.

Bedtime did not go so well though, but I'd rather not memorialize that on the blog!

Saturday Aug. 20
We got up around 8:00 this morning and Tim tended to Vince while I got Luke breakfast & a show.

We managed to get thing moving and by 11ish Tim was out cutting the grass.

Mom & Frankie showed up and ended up taking Luke with them to the Regent campus for Frankie's move-in day.

Vincent & I are going to get some laundry done while they are gone and before Tom & Peggy come over for a visit.

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