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Sunday Update July 29-Aug. 2

Friday July 29
Happy 19th Birthday Frankie
Friday morning, we were up we got right to work.  I did a good job and got us out of the house almost on time to get our errands run!

We skipped the post office which was supposed to be first and went to Michael's to return some extra yarn I had.  Then we went to two different free-cycle pick-ups and got some hangers for the boys' clothes.

By the second pick up, Luke was asleep.  So, I went to Chic Fil A and got some breakfast and then drove around, letting him nap.  He was still asleep when Mom & Dad were getting close so I headed home.

Luke woke up at 11:30, which is when I wanted to be HOME, but instead I ran out to Food Lion & raced through getting the groceries together.

We got back to the house & met up with Mom, Dad, and Frankie before they headed out to see Cowboys & Aliens.

While they were gone we did housework, I baked and decorated Frankie's birthday cake, and I prepped most of everything for a taco dinner.

When they all got back we got dinner on the table and ate.  Tim got home from work just as we were finishing up, so he joined us.  We ate cake with Frankie & then he & Dad had to head home.

Mom is in town for the weekend, so she stayed to play with Luke.  After I got the kitchen clean, she and I took Luke & went out.

We first went to Micheal's to get the crochet hooks she needs for the baby's hat.  They were $10 though and I knew I had a 55% off coupon in my email, that started Saturday, so we didn't buy them.

We went to Target to walk and look around (neither of us has any money to spend!) and we stayed there a good long while.  Walking does wonders for getting the baby DOWN and the contractions going...but we're still too early & they just peter out when I rest.  Oh well.

Luke had napped through Michael's, so he was wide awake when we got home.  He ended up being a cranky fuss-butt until we finally got him to sleep.

Saturday July 30
Tim woke up and got to work around 8:30 in the morning.  He is such a good husband!

It took me a while longer to get moving and Mom didn't rise & shine until closer to 11!

I worked on the normal housework and stuff and then started dinner all before lunch time.  Luke wouldn't really eat lunch, even though I offered him 3 different things. :(

Mom had to run out to the pool to see Frankie (and take him some lunch) so she took Luke along for the ride with her & he got a good hour & a half long nap in the car.  While she was gone I helped Tim with the garage a little bit, but it was WAY too hot out there for me & I got dizzy/woozy even though I had a wet rag on my neck & head.  I ended up moving inside to go through the boxes he wanted me to look at.

My cousin Betti and her son Aaron showed up right around dinner time and we had a nice visit with them.

Then, we had dinner.  Tim & I ate it, Mom says she was "tired" of that kind of meal (she had similar meals 3x last week--how was I to know?) and Frankie doesn't eat it at all.  Oh well.

After dinner, we gave Luke a bath in the sink (he had dumped popsicle & juice box all over himself) and rinsed the dinner dishes before heading back out.

We went to Micheal's to get the crochet hooks with the coupon & then to Food Lion so I could get some groceries & disposable diapers.  (Luke is napping & sleeping in disposables right now...he is a HEAVY wetter!)

While I was in Food Lion I was having some good contractions, but they pretty much shut down as soon as we got home.

Luke napped in the car again and so he was a cranky fuss-butt again before bed.

Sunday July 31
I slept pretty well though, considering I was up to pee, with Luke, to pee & eat, with Tim's alarm, and then with Luke...between 11 and 7 am.

Between Mom & I, we managed to get the house clean, lunch made, and a ton of laundry done.

Mom got all the Preemie, Newborn, 0-3 months, 3 months, and 3-6 months clothes hung up in the baby's closet.  Now of course there are still several more loads that need washed/sorted, but we are almost through ALL the baby stuff.  :)

Luke took a nap and I got to sew a bit.  Tim came home from church & he even took a nap before heading BACK out to church.

We skipped going to the pool, because it closed early due to the rain, so Frankie & Mandy came over to my house.

We all just hung out (I sewed most of the time) and played with Luke.

After Mandy & Frankie left, Tim came home, and we had a LATE supper...but it was good & that's all that counts!

After dinner, Mom bathed Luke while Tim & I straitened up before bed.

I put Luke to sleep & then sewed some more!  It was late when we finally went to bed.

My snoring kept Tim awake & he eventually moved to the couch to sleep.  Apparently it has gotten pretty ridiculous in the last few days.  The only thing I can think is because I have been puking again lately (gotta love morning sickness) and maybe that is making a difference.

Monday Aug. 1
36 Weeks & 6 days--the same gestation Luke was born at!
I got up and cleaned the house, then got to work on my sewing.

I got most of my Bjorn cover done thanks to a tutorial I found online!  I am modifying mine some and tweaking the pattern to make it suit my needs, but ultimately I am following that pretty well.

Then I worked on the 2nd diaper and soaker for the trade I was doing locally.  I got that finished around lunch time and left Luke with mom while I ran to deliver it.  The cocoon & hat I had made for #2 are so cute & I can't wait to see him wrapped up in it!

When I got back, we loaded up and headed to Amanda & Frank's work to go swimming.  Luke slept on the way there & for about another 40 minutes (inside with Mandy) while Mom & I swam with Frankie.  Then he got his life jacket on & swam with us!  It was SO nice in the water.

At 2:45, we got out & dried off (I got changed) and Mom dressed Luke, so we could head to Emporia.

After a bit of run-in and cursing out of the Wendy's workers who screwed up Frankie's order,  we got on the road.

We got mom to her swimming class just in time and then Frank & I headed to their house.

Dad had made spaghetti so we ate dinner with him.  He gave Luke a bunch of fruit & stuff too.  We had some yummy locally grown watermelon for dessert.

Frankie ran out & picked mom up from her class and then when they got back we got the van loaded up & got ready to head home.

We left at 7:00 and I dropped Frankie off at his truck at about 8:15.  I got home with Luke just before 9:00.

Tim gave him a bath and I unpacked all our stuff and cooked Tim some dinner.

While we were gone, Tim got the willow tree out back pruned & all the branches cut down from along the fence line.  The yard work is really coming along and by the time we're ready to have the baby's Baptismal party it should be really nice out there!

After the house was straightened up we all went to bed.

Tuesday Aug. 2
37 Weeks Pregnant--FULL TERM!
So far today, I've not accomplished much.

I got up early with Luke and really had big hopes for the day.  Unfortunately, around 11 am I got hit with a HUGE wave of exhaustion & could hardly keep my eyes open.  So, I put Cars on t.v. for Luke & laid on the couch (its so pathetic to see how I have to lay to be comfortable) and took a nice "snooze".

Definition of "Snooze"--a nap, in which you are not 100% asleep because your child still needs your attention & climbs on you, bounces on you, kisses you, pats your hugely pregnant belly, and if you DO happen to pass the "snooze" point into "sleep" mode you immediately SNAP awake (to a full attention nearly) and frantically check to make sure said child DID not harm himself in any way.....the art of snoozing is very useful for weary stay at home pregnant moms with toddlers who have their OWN schedules!

When I woke up at about 12:20, it was well past lunch time & the kitchen was still a mess.  So I made Luke an almond butter & apple jelly sandwich and stuck him in his high chair while I cleaned the kitchen.  He was talking to me and chattering away one minute & then the next, he was sound asleep with the last bite of sandwich in his mouth!

While he's been napping, I got the kitchen clean, laundry running (though I have MOUNTAINS of clean clothes to put away), tea made, and have eaten a snack.

After Luke's nap, we got showered & straightened up the house a tiny bit more.  Then we headed out to the Post Office to mail a couple packages & then to do a Freecycle pick-up.

 I got some classic metal Tonka trucks that Tim is going to take apart & refinish for Luke!

After that we headed home, met up with Tim, and I then left to go to my breastfeeding group in Virginia Beach.

It was a good group, there were 3 newbie babies (a 6 week old, a 10 week old, and an 8 week old) another preggo Mama and a 4 month old.  I got to talk to the LC about our plan of action for maintaining a HEALTHY milk supply while tandeming, when we know I'm going to be expecting a huge over supply.

After that group, I stopped at McDonald's to fill up and then went to Farm Fresh for groceries.  When I got home Tim & Luke were outside waiting for me!  Luke was so happy that I was home!

We pretty much went straight to bed.

I had been having contractions throughout the meeting (the doula could see them from across the room!) and they continued until about 1 am...even though I'd been in bed since 9:40.  I got up at 1, had a drink & a snack, and then tried going back to sleep.  They kept me awake at least another hour before I could finally sleep through them.  Then, before 5 o'clock  I was awake with them again.  It wasn't until after Tim's 5:30 alarm went off that I was able to get back to sleep.

So, two nights of yucky sleep in a row.

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