Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday Update

Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day!

We relaxed at home during most of the morning, into the afternoon.

 Around 2 we decided to go to church, so we got busy getting ready to go.  We headed out around 4 and stopped by Rock a Bye Baby to get a Baby Bjorn carrier.  I LOVE it!  It's so easy to use & there is no "positioning" the baby just right.  Luke seems to enjoy it too, at least for sleeping!!

We also got 5 onesies & a Christmas sleep & play by Carter's.  (BTW-if it's made by Carters I'll love it, so don't hesitate to grab a good deal!)

Then we headed to church.  It was the first "Sunday" of advent & the message was good.  I enjoyed the service.

Afterwards, we headed home.  Chrissy's kids were starving, so she took the initiative & cooked dinner.  It turned out really yummy!  I ate two whole pieces of chicken & 2 or 3 servings of mashed potatoes (made w/ soy milk & butter flavored Crisco!)  After that it was cleaning house & bedtime.

Sunday we slept in.  Tim cooked a big breakfast for the kids & I ate banana bread while I fed Luke & pumped.  Around 1 we headed out to see Santa at Wal-Mart.  You saw the picture.  It was free, so we can't really complain TOO much.

After that, I relaxed at home, cleaned, and took care of Luke.  Tim fixed Chrissy's closet.  (The rod had fallen down due to poor installation & too many clothes being in there.)

We made chicken nuggets for dinner, cleaned, and went to bed.

Today, I slept until about 8 & spent the entire morning taking care of Luke.  Around 1:30 I headed out to McDonald's and Priority Toyota to get Tim's oil changed.  Luke hung out in his Bjorn while we waited over 2 hours for the truck to be done.

When we got home, we spent 30 minutes vegging (after Luke ate) and then got busy cleaning & fixing dinner. Then I ended up feeding Luke again (that 6 week growth spurt is kicking my butt!) while Tim made the salad.

After dinner, Tim went to bed (early--he's sick--again!), while Tony did dishes.  Carolynn watched Dora w/ Tim & Luke slept for a while.

While Tony worked on the kitchen I worked on the rest of the house.  Around 8:30 I sent him to shower, so I could feed Luke.

I've been putzing on my computer (while sterilizing bottles) since about 9:45.  Luke's eaten again & is starting to fuss AGAIN from his cradle.

I need to pump, drink hot chocolate, and watch House before bed!!

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