Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some Recent Sewing

I was recently chosen to be a "tester" for a new pattern by Everything Your Mama Made.  Lia volunteered to be my model, and got these cute "Harem Pants" in reward. :) 

I think she likes them! I plan to make Lucas, Vinnie, Grayson, and Spencer coordinating shirts with the blue guitar fabric. 

For Christmas I made the boys and Lia matching pjs. I don't think I got a good "action shot" of Lia's outfit. 

I was on a tight budget for Lia's outfit, since I'd spent so much on the fabric and top pattern, so I had to make up my own pattern for the bottoms I really wanted to make. I think they turned out pretty good for something I'd never done before! (I've since bought the REAL Maxaloones pattern & can't wait to make some of these very trendy pants!)  

I bought a handful of snaps from my wonderful friend, Ryan, they have little snow-flakes engraved on them & are PERFECT for this shirt! (The shirt is made from the Fishsticks Jamie Jumper pattern--I just adapted it to be a tee instead of a jumper.)  

I managed to get these awesome matching wool sweaters for the boys from one of my favorite knitters.  It is very rare for the boys to have matching outfits, since Vinnie wears 100% wool.  I found the grey pants for Lucas at Wal-Mart (he didn't really NEED anymore pants, so I didn't want to spend a lot) and then made up these adorable wool pants with a pocket for Vinnie! He LOVES the pocket! I think from now on I'll add pockets to his pants when I make them. 

It's been a little while since I made these but I just LOVE making skirted pants!

These heart pants were a 12-18 month size for my day-care baby, Addi. 

I made this pair of wool skirted leggings for my friend Jamie's little girl.  

Sewing is my HAPPY place. I love sewing and creating. I've always got a bunch of projects swirling around in my head and I love getting to spend time with my sewing machines. (even if it means sewing between 11 PM and 2 AM)  

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