Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas Wayne! (Skylanders Style!)

On October 18, my big boy turned FIVE years old!! I can't believe how grown up he is!  Since Father's Day we have been enjoying Skylanders Spyro's Adventures so Lucas knew exactly what kind of birthday theme he wanted! MORE Skylanders!

Here's a photo collection to share our day!

The gift pile!


 Part of the table decorations!

The other side of the table

Smashed sheep cupcakes--regular cupcakes, white frosting, marshmallows, SMASHED Junior Mints & candy eyes!

The 2 smashed sheep in this picture were Vinnie friendly! :)

Wrecking Ball Watermelon!

Prism Break Pretzels!

Spyro's Sprite & other refreshments!

The AWESOME cake *I* made! :)

One of the games we played was "Boom Jet Blow-Out"...the kids had to try to keep the balloons in the air by just blowing on them.  This was hard with the wind blowing.

I'd adapt it if I ever tried it again & make it a team game & have them try to hit it between two people.

Up next we played "Stump Smash's Sheep Smashing Game"--the kids had to sit on the balloons to pop them & who-ever popped the most balloons won. They all liked this.

Cake time!

Daddy being silly...

Super awesome crocheted Perry the Platypus made by Grandma!

Skylander's Swap Force!!

Lily & Lucas

Auntie Mandy & Uncle J.C. & Lucas

Pap, Gram-mama, and Tippy with Lucas

Kristi, Pete, and Alexander with Lucas

Aaron & Lucas

Lucas also got Disney Infinity 2.0 from Auntie Mandy!! He got lots of Infinity loot!

Lucas & his new Skylander's loot!

Lucas with ALL of his Skylander's themed gifts!

Skylanders Mega-Blocks!!

Grayson & Spencer had a sleep-over, so the kids got to play on the trampoline in the dark! (with glow-sticks)

And they stayed up late playing Skylanders!

And then the 3 big boys slept together (with Uncle Tim/Daddy) in the tent in the back yard!

Happy Birthday Lucas I love you!

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