Friday, September 27, 2013

Potty Learning!

I feel like I've posted on this topic before, but this time it is REALLY real.

Luke is officially day-time potty trained.

He has been going pee on the potty (and poo too) since he was a tiny little guy, not even two years old.

But, he's always had the diapers to fall back on, and then when he broke his foot this summer, we went to Pull-Ups 100% of the time.

He does not do well, knowing that he has a "crutch", so trainers and Pull-Ups had to go.  

Now that Luke is in Pre-K 3, we needed to get him trained pretty quickly, since the school PREFERS that the kids are in underwear.

Last weekend, September 19-23, we headed to Emporia.  We left right from school (where he had a Pull-Up on) and drove out to Mom & Dad's.  As soon as we got there, we said goodbye to Pull-Ups.

Luke didn't have any accidents on Thursday.  On Friday he pee'ed on the couch while playing on the i-Pad.  So, he lost the i-Pad for the day.  Saturday he had an accident early in the morning, but stayed dry all day, even through playing outside.  Sunday he stayed dry.  And ever since he has pretty much been dry. :) He's had one or two accidents, but they were true accidents and not just laziness.  (at the play-place--too distracted)

We aren't concerned with night-time potty training right now.  When he has day-times down and we don't have to remind him or keep after him, then we'll start to think about night-time training.

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