Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Some recent sewing & Vinnie in cotton

So, now that Vinnie can wear "real" clothes and isn't restricted to wool, I can sew more for Lucas too!

These are shorts that I'm a pattern tester for, I'll have more details when the pattern releases!

What, you didn't know Vinnie could wear real clothes?  On April 21 we decided to try, again, with wearing 100% cotton clothing.  We'd done a few practice runs over the last few weeks and gotten up to 2-3 hours with no reaction so we wanted to see how LONG he could tolerate it. I checked his skin, every 20-30 minutes all day and he NEVER reacted!  So we've been in cotton since then! About a week in he wanted to wear a 100% polyester PJ set (Jurassic World) so we let him and again, NO reaction!  This is a HUGE step for him and makes life SO much easier!

He looks adorable! He got to pick out a few new shirts & he is rocking lots of Lucas' hand-me-downs. 

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