Tuesday, May 19, 2015

December's Attempt at an Advent Calendar

This year's advent season was a flop.  We had so much going on that we didn't really do a whole lot to make Christmas special or keep the "season" alive. Hopefully 2015 will be a better year for us!

Dec. 1
Dec. 2--decorated the tree at Grandma & Pap's with Mandy
Dec. 3--decorated our tree
Dec. 4--Sleepover with Grammy & Grandpa (Pap in hospital & Mom went to be with them)
Dec. 5--Go to Emporia for weekend
Dec. 6-7--Emporia
Dec. 8--No school Croup :(
Dec. 9--Family Movie Night
Dec. 10--Waiting on Jesus Craft & new toys from Grandma & Pap
Dec. 11--Program at school
Dec. 12--Bake cookies
Dec. 13-14--Mommy sick
Dec. 15--Babysit Lia, Lucas got to go to James & Missy's
Dec. 16--Grocery Shopping
Dec. 17--Cubbies Party & Mom & Vinnie dinner date
Dec. 18-19
Dec. 20-- Lucas spent day with Grammy & Grandpa
Dec. 21--Church
Dec. 22-23
Dec. 24-Christmas in Emporia
Dec. 25--Christmas at home, Dinner in Emporia

I don't have any amazing pictures or even details.  Dad was in the hospital from the 4th-20th and it was a very hectic time.  Vinnie was sick, I was sick, we were just way run down.

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