Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept. 5, UPDATE

We had an awesome game night & dinner with James & Missy tonight.  James got video of Luke taking his first ever step! (can't wait to see it!) Then later on Luke took 3 little steps (left, right, left) to me in the hallway.  Of course this is super exciting!  He's 10 months and 18 days old.

Also new this week, Luke has started standing unassisted for long periods of time.  He gets so excited when he realizes he's doing it & starts to wave his arms...then falls!  Because he can stand Miss K. his physical therapist said that he doesn't have to go to PT weekly any more!  He is now on bi-weekly therapy on Friday mornings.

He's still getting weekly OT for help getting him to eat/tolerate more foods.  Right now we're working with purees of veggies and various gluten, dairy, & soy free snacks.  He "liked" okra, but the last couple days he won't eat it anymore.  He likes corn chex.  He also got a taste of "sweets & beets"....sweet potato & beet "chips".

And, I'm weaning off the breast pump.  I've been pumping for 10 months and I'm tired.  I'm so glad I got to donate so much milk to baby Athena and that I had that "security" net the last 10 1/2 months.  We aren't keeping any freezer stash for Luke.  If for some reason we need pumped milk, we'll rent the pump again ourselves.  (and I've always got my hand pump if I just need an ounce or two to make cereal or a sippy cup)  I'm pretty sure we'll make it at least through his birthday though...which is my initial goal.

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