Saturday, June 19, 2010

8 Months Old

My boy is closer to a year old now than he is to being a baby!  Wow!

So, Luke's 8 month birthday passed with no fanfare what-so-ever.  We went to "Auntie" Melanie's house so she could knit him up a pair of super awesome shorties!  They *only* took 10 hours to knit, and are freaking awesome!  Huge thanks to Melanie!!!  Custom knitting is not cheap or easy & we appreciate her time & effort!

Luke weighs 17 lbs and 12 oz fully clothed.  I know this because we went to the doc on Wednesday to find out what was going on with our little guy.
Sunday he had started running a fever & being fussy, but was generally ok.  I thought it was teething so loaded him up with Motrin, Baby Orajel & Hyland's Teething Gel (the Hyland's is just NOT as effective as the Orajel, so I rotate them).  We went to church, the in-laws, and the beach, and he was ok, fussy & a little feverish but ok.
Overnight his fever raged up to 102.7.  The pediatrician said as long as it didn't go over 104 and it didn't last 3 days he was ok.  Well, Tuesday was day 3 and I made the appointment for Wednesday morning.  (after a couple LONG, sleepless days w/ a super mega fussy feverish baby)
Turns out, Lukey had hand/foot/mouth disease.  A very common viral infection that goes around in the summer.  He only had sores in his mouth (down his throat) and his fever broke Wednesday.  Unfortunately there is nothing they can do for it & so Dr. Curry (who has great bedside manner) said we basically have to tough it out.

Luke sits unassisted & has since March 16.  Luke laughs & "talks".  He says dadadada all the time!  He can do the little "Indian call" with the back of his hand to his mouth.  He can roll from his belly to his back in both directions now.  He has been in physical therapy for his torticollis for 5 weeks now & is making lots of improvements.

He doesn't sleep through the night yet, but does have a pretty solid routine at least.

9:30-up for the day
play, bath, nurse around 11:30-nap
then from 2:00-9:30 his schedule revolves around what we are doing...if we are home he'll normally take another nap around 5 or 7 or both!

He had about 2 weeks of attempting Organic Rice Cereal and although he would eat it, he didn't really like it. (started @ 7 months 5 days) On Saturday June 12 he had some squash at Jay Yanuzzi's wedding.  We tried steaming a butternut squash at home for him & offered it to him on Sunday & Monday but he just played with it & wouldn't eat any.  On Sunday, we tried offering him steamed brocolli at Ruby Tuesday's and he couldn't stand the texture!  He'd get his hand to it, touch it and then recoil like he was disgusted!

His mouth has been too sore to do much more than the required nursing so we haven't tried anything since Monday.  He did take a bottle (Dr. Brown's w/ a preemie nipple) for a while this week.  Nursing was irritating his mouth & so he would chew on the bottle nipple & drink what he got.  I was scared he was getting dehydrated so we gave it a try.  We might try some more now that his mouth is better w/ a bigger nipple & see what he thinks.

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Melanie said...

Dude, I have never heard that called an "Indian call"! That's so weird, I'll probably hear that all the time now. :)

Glad you like the shorties!

Thanks for doing Jack's assessment for us!

Happy 8mo bday, Lucas!