Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Collages from Photoshoot 
Feb. 10 (almost 4 months old!)

Hawaiian Shirt Part 1

Hawaiian Shirt Part 2
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Green Shirt

In his Bumbo from Great Grandmom

With his teddy bear from Grandmom & Pap
Name Blanket from April on Diaperswappers
Name Blanket Part 2
I know there are a ton of pictures in this thread, but I really really really want to win the March diaper contest on Bagshot Row Bamboo!  Help me pick the top 12 pictures to enter.  (3 each week!)


Jo said...

Ok I'm LOVING all these - I can't decide on my favorite - but I do LOVE that blanket he's laying on - it's beautiful :)

Chicke3 said...

I love the ones with his Giant Teddy bear...and Name blanket 2

Staci said...

What a cutie! Great photos!